Best Pair Stairs staircase projects completed in 2021.

As a specialist designer and manufacturer of staircases, at Pear Stairs, our devoted teams are always continuously working to provide the highest quality to our customers throughout the UK. Always striving for the shortest lead times, without ever compromising on the standards of the finished product. We pride ourselves on our guarantee of not being beaten on price for a like for like staircase.

Due to the fast-paced nature of our operation, it is easy to overlook the outstanding projects we have completed within the last year. So, in the office, we decided to have a discussion about our favourite staircase projects from the last year and put together our staircase highlights of 2021.


Hilsden staircase case study, designed and manufactured by Pear Stairs.

Possibly considered a fairly straightforward design on the first look, this staircase for a property in Berkshire was an interesting project for the Pear Stairs design team. A unique challenge due to the layout and shape of this home, we came up with a creative idea in order to shorten the overall length of this staircase and make more space on the ground floor.

To do this, we supplied two long bottom steps, that ran the length of the staircase and adjoining landing space. This opened up both the area at the bottom and the side of the staircase for a more welcoming layout.

In terms of the staircase, our team designed and crafted a beautiful quarter landing cut string staircase that fits this property perfectly. Manufacturing the strings, risers, spindles, apron and nosing from primed whitewood; the warm and cosy-looking oak treads, balustrades and newel posts effortlessly blend the staircase into the homes existing design scheme.

Completed with a returning balustrade along the first-floor landing space that includes a drop-down to match the properties structure, the comfortable and homely finish to this intricate design is why it makes our list of top staircases of 2021.

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Stunning external staircase design inspiration, manufactured and designed by Pear Stairs.

An increasingly popular addition to properties, outdoor staircases can help to completely change your external landscape. Providing additional access or exit points to comply with legal regulations or even just as a design feature that allows you to alter the internal layout of your home; at Pear Stairs, we are regularly receiving more and more external staircase enquiries.

So this year, we had to include this amazing external staircase in our list of best staircases. Designed and manufactured from treated redwood, this external staircase was needed to provide access to the garden from the rear side of the property. Connecting the top floor indoor space with the outdoor ground floor space. 

Engineered with longevity and style in mind, each design choice was purposefully selected in order to combine durability and functionality without compromising on the aesthetic. 

The open-risers minimise the chance of water collecting on the treads, preventing long term damage, whilst also allowing air to seamlessly pass through, making the structure resilient against strong winds. This external staircase is also supported by elongated landing newel posts that reach from the highest point, all the way to the ground. For an added design feature, each post is topped with pyramid newel caps for a sophisticated finish to this magnificent external staircase. 

An impressive addition to this property and definitely an example of external staircase inspiration, the office was unanimous in the decision that this Pear Stairs project fully deserves its place on the list.

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Glass staircase designed and manufactured in the UK by Pear Stairs.

A focal point in the design scheme of this modern property, completing these stunning stacked staircases was an exciting project for our design team.

Starting from the ground floor, it was decided to include a D-end feature step for a welcoming feature. Finished in a brilliant white prime, along with the balustrades, handrails and newel posts, the staircase immediately began to effortlessly blend into the existing style of this room. 

Wanting to continue the bright spacious aesthetic that features throughout the property, it was decided to maintain the openness of the staircase using glass panels to promote the transmission of natural light. Beautifully captured in the outstanding understairs feature that not only continues the design theme but also creates a storage or display space, the meticulous planning that went into each part of this design is clearly visible. 

Moving up to the first floor, the intricate T-shape finish to this staircase both adds more character and also facilitates the widening of the opening so that the returning balustrade can seamlessly run to the second stacked staircase. Continued in the same simple yet elegant glass and primed wood design scheme, the way in which this double staircase completes this breathtaking contemporary property meant that it just had to go into our top staircases of 2021 list.

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Stunning contemporary staircase idea for modern properties.

A contender for Pear Stairs’ most contemporary staircase of 2021, the way in which this staircase is an attention-demanding design feature within this voguish property meant that it had to be included in our list.

Crafted from American White Oak, this modern staircase was meticulously planned to make a statement and to push the boundaries of interior design. A project that included the fitter working closely with the whole of the Pear Stairs team; the finished staircase we designed and manufactured consisted of a straight flight with 32mm oak treads, flush nosing, oak risers and softwood strings.

A unique request due to the desired finished aesthetic, we finished this staircase by only priming the left-hand side. A deliberate design choice, the fitter then installed the stair string flush into the wall to create a shadow line effect using the primed left-hand side. On the right-hand side, the joiner created a bespoke solid handrail/stairwell by using strips of birch as cladding. The end result is this incredible natural-looking staircase that stands out in this modish design scheme.

Totally deserving of its place in our list, we think that this incredible project may provide staircase inspiration for years to come.

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Traditional staircase renovation on Georgian Farmhouse by Pear Stairs.

I think it may be slightly obvious why Wolvesacre Hall made our list of top staircase projects of 2021. It is always an honour at Pear Stairs to assist in the restoration of traditional period properties, helping preserve a piece of history for many years to follow.

A unique T-shaped staircase that instantly grabs the attention upon entering the room, our design team worked tirelessly to get every detail perfect; to create a design that complements both the entrance hall and the galleried landing space. Manufactured using softwood, the stairs and spindles have been finished in a perfect white. Protected with a luxurious black and grey stair runner that also provides a stylish colour break and elegantly blends the staircase within the design scheme.

For the finishing touch, a Sapele handrail that colour matches the furnishings in the room was selected; in keeping with the traditional character of this majestic farmhouse. A project that was a pleasure to be a part of, especially due to the infectious enthusiasm of the self-builder clients, Wolvesacre Hall will live long in the memory.

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Pear Stairs in 2022

At Pear Stairs, we would like to thank all of our existing and new customers for choosing us to design and manufacture bespoke staircases for their construction and renovation projects across the UK.

Still busy working to make sure our lead times are as short as possible, without compromising on the high-quality of our staircases, we are excited for the future to see how our current projects will look when fitted and decorated.

Looking forward to what 2022 will bring, we hope that some of our favourite work from 2021 can give you some staircase design inspiration for your next project.

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