Wooden Stairs and Staircases from Pear Stairs available in different materials including Oak and Hardwood Stairs.

Pear Stairs are a leading provider of wooden stairs in the UK. From our factory in the UK our team of designers and manufacturers are experts in designing and building your dream wooden staircase.

The wooden staircase that we design will be bespoke and custom to each individual customer depending on your staircase needs. Our free StairCreator tool can help you design your own wooden staircase.

We also have an extensive range of wooden stair parts available for your wooden staircase in our online shop.

Different types of Wooden Stairs & Oak Staircases

We can provide you with Oak stairs and hardwood stairs for your home.

To find out more about the different materials we can use please see below:


Pine Staircase




Are you looking for a Pine staircase?


Pine is a slow grown and economical Scandinavian timber suitable for staining and painting. All knots in the timber are sound.


hemlock stairs




Are you looking for a Hemlock staircase?


Hemlock is a straight-grained, clear, nearly knot-free timber. It is especially attractive since it will varnish to a rich golden colour. Hemlock is of uniform density and will take stain easily with the minimum of colour distortion; it is easy to use and does not split or break whilst being worked, being less brittle and therefore stronger than many hardwoods.


staircase timbers - southern yellow pine


Southern Yellow Pine


Are you looking for a Southern Yellow Pine staircase?


Southern Yellow Pine has distinctive character in both colour and grain. Although generally clear, a limited number of small knots are permitted. Grown in the Southern United States, it enjoys the reputation of being exceptionally strong and has a high resistance to wear. Whilst relatively easy to work, this wood is comparable to hardwood species such as Oak for strength.


staircase timbers - sapele




Are you looking for a Sapele staircase?


Sapele is a West African hardwood, with a reddish brown colouring, typical of sapele. This fairly close textured timber is harder and heavier than both American and South American Mahogany. As with any product, variation in colour is to be expected.


oak staircase timbers




Are you looking for an Oak staircase?


Oak American White. A strong, heavy hardwood grown in the Eastern half of the United States. Due to the high costs of large sections, newel posts and handrails are laminated, careful attention being paid to grain matching.


staircase timbers - ash




Are you looking for an Ash staircase?


Ash American White. A quality American hardwood, Ash can be stained and polished to a very good finish.


Pear Stairs sell wooden staircases in a number of finishes.

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