Newel Caps and Finishing Off Newel Posts

The crowning feature to any staircase, newel posts and newel caps offer you the chance to really make a style statement, adding the finishing touch to any new or renovated staircase.

Available in numerous  shapes and designs, you’re sure to find a staircase newel cap that suits your style needs at Pear Stairs. For example, if you’re looking for newel caps for flat, square or chamfered newels, you can’t go wrong with a pyramid-shaped cap, whilst ball newel caps look great on turned posts.

We have a wide variety of newel caps to choose from, including:

  1. ball
  2. acorn
  3. flat
  4. square
  5. pyramid
  6. mushroom
  7. wooden
  8. continuous
Staircase Newel Caps
Staircase Newel Caps
Staircase Newel Caps
Staircase Newel Caps


If you want to purchase hardwood and softwood Newel Caps go to our on-line shop .

As you can see newel caps come in all shapes and sizes.  Below is an explanation of some of the ranges:

Finishing Off Newel Post



Square Newel Post Finish.


Square Newel Post Finish

Some people are happy to use
squarenewels.  In this example a customer purchased a Pear Stairs staircase with chamfered newels and left the top face square.  This provides a minimalist atmosphere.


Staircase Newel Caps - Square Newel Finish


Staircase Newel Caps - Square Newel Post Finish


Chamfered & Rounded Newel Post Finish.


Chamfered &
Rounded Newel Post

Pear Stairs customers finish newel post in a variety of ways.
Here are two further examples:

Chamfered Top and Edges - The top of a square newel post is cut at 30° on a
cross cut saw. A router is then used on the vertical edges.

Rounder Top and Edges - Here a router is used on every edge of the newel post.


Newel Caps Chamfered Top and Edges


Staircas Newel Cap - Rounded Top and Edges

Below is an example of a chamfered newel post used on a project in Worcester and a chamfered newel post used on an external staircase.


Staircase Newel Cap - Worcestershire Gallery


Staircase Newel Cap - External Staircase

3.  Decorative Kerf.

Decorative Kerf

Decorative Kerf - A very attractive effect can be created by cutting to a set depth all around a newel post.  This can be cut using a cross cut saw.  A simple procedure giving a terrific effect.

Staircase Newel Caps - Decorative Kerf


Decorative Kerf

Newel Caps

Newel caps are an attractive addition to posts.  Balconies and balustrades will look more complete when topped with a coordinating newel cap. The cap adds a finish to the newel post.  In most cases the cap is manufactured from the same type of wood as the newel post but this is not a necessity. This in an inexpensive way to personalize a staircase.  Various designs can provide different aesthetic appearances.  Newel caps are available in many shapes and sizes.  These are also available in many types of timber.

4.  Ball Newel Cap.

Ball Newel Cap

This is a newel cap that has been cut on a lathe or turning machine.  This is easily fitted by drilling a hole the same size as the dowel
(See Home Page - Install Newel Cap).
Manufactured in all timbers.

Staircase Newel Cap - Softwood Ball Cap

Staircase Newel Cap - Ball Cap on Oak Newel


 Ball Newel Cap

Ball Cap
on an Oak Newel

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5.  Acorn Newel Cap.

Acorn Newel Cap

Produced on a lathe and provides an effective means to finish off the ends of the newel post. 
A popular choice.

Staircase Newel Cap - Acorn Newel Cap

Staircase Newel Cap - Acorn Newel Cap


Softwood Acorn
Newel Cap

Acorn Newel Cap

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6.  Flat Newel Cap.

Flat Newel Cap

This flat newel cap provides a clean line, but finishes off the end of the newel post.
Simply use PVA glue to fix.

Staircase Newel Cap - Flat Cap

Staircase Newel Cap - Flat Cap


Softwood Flat
 Newel Cap

Flat Newel Cap

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7.  Square Acorn Newel Cap.

Square Acorn Newel Cap

An elegant and frequently used newel cap. This is manufactured on CNC machines and lathes. A hole has to be drilled in the top of the newel post to fit the dowel.
(See Home Page - Install Newel Cap).


Staircase Newel Caps - Square Acorn

Staircase Newels - Square Acorn


Softwood Square Acorn
Newel Cap

Square Acorn Cap

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8.  Pyramid Newel Cap.

Pyramid Newel Cap

Pear Stairs biggest seller. 
We sell thousands of pyramid newel caps per year. It provides a beautiful method for finishing a staircase and is simple to fit. 
We have sizes to suit all newel posts. 
Manufactured in all timbers but most frequently Oak and softwood.

Staircase Newel Caps - Pyramid Cap

Staircase Newel Cap - Pyramid Newel Cap


Softwood Pyramid
 Newel Cap

Pyramid Newel Cap

Shopr for pyramid newel caps

9.  Mushroom Newel Cap.

Mushroom Newel Cap

A simple newel cap manufactured on a lathe.  Fitted by drilling the end of the newel post.
(See Home Page - Install Newel Cap).

Staircase Newel Cap - Mushroom Newel Cap


Mushroom Newel Cap

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10.  Double Flat Newel Cap.

Double Flat Newel Cap

This is a flat newel cap but used where two posts are joined together, the newel cap will span both newel posts.  These double flat newel caps come in a large range of sizes to fit most newel posts and widths.

Staircase Newel Cap - Double Flat Cap


Double Flat Newel Cap

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11.  Double Pyramid Newel Cap.

Double Pyramid Newel Cap

This is a pyramid newel cap, but is used where two posts are joined together but the newel cap will span both newel posts.
These double pyramid newel caps come in a large range of sizes to fit most newel posts and widths.

Staircase Newel Caps - Double Pyramid Cap


Double Pyramid Cap

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Note A - Newel Caps.

Newel Caps can be fitted upside down to compliment the newel caps on the tops of the newel posts.  This feature is sometimes called a drop newel cap.  They are held on using duct tape or a small pin nail while the glue goes off.  Many joiners now have compressors and use a nailing gun which makes holding the newel cap on, while it dries, very easy.

The picture attached shows a pyramid newel cap fitted upside down.

Staircase Newel Caps - Newel Caps can be fitted upside down

Note B  - Half Newel Caps.

Most newel caps can be purchased as half newel caps from Pear Stairs.  If you have more than one it may be easier just to purchase whole ones and saw them in half.  They are fitted when the balustrade finishes against a wall as the picture attached shows.

Picture shows a Half Pyramid Newel Cap.

Staircase Newel Caps - Half Newel Caps

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12.  Wood and Brushed Steel Newel Caps.

You can purchase these wood and brushed steel newel caps but they would have to be individually manufactured by Pear Stairs
and are a more specialist item. 
You would have to contact Pear Stairs for us to arrange a full quotation because they
can not be fitted on site.
They do look very exclusive and can provide a real centre piece to your house.

staircase Newel Caps - Wood and Brushed Steel Newel Caps

13.  Continuous Handrail Newel Cap.

An alternative newel cap is to fit a continuous handrail newel cap.  If combined with horizontal turns and straight newel caps it will provide a very sleek looking staircase.
Although these joints are slightly more difficult to fix.
(See our installation guide on the home page).

Staircase Newel Caps - Opening Cap

Staircase Newel Caps - Continuous Handrail Opening Newel Cap

Two examples:

Staircase Newel Cap - Continuous Handrail Newel Cap

Staircase Newel Caps - Continuous Handrail Newel Cap Opening Cap


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14.  Continuous Handrail Horizontal Newel Cap Turn.

These horizontal newel cap turns were fitted in a house in Cambridge.  They provide a sleek elegant style.  These fittings can be made in any material from Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple, Cherry and Sapele.

Please phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311 to ask our friendly staff. 

Staircase Newel Cap Horizontal Cap Turn

Staircase Newel Cap - Continuous Horizontal Newel Cap Turn

Staircase Newel Cap - Cambridge Cut String Staircase

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15.  Continuous Handrail Straight Newel Cap.

These straight newel caps should be fitted at least every 2400mm for strength.  These fittings compliment the horizontal turns and continuous handrail caps.

Staircase Newel Cap - Straight Newel Cap

Staircase Newel Cap - Straight Newel Cap

An example of straight newel cap.

Staircase Newel Cap - Straight Newel Cap


16.  Metal Ball Newel Cap.

Metal Ball Cap

The metal ball cap offers a modern
 alternative to the traditional wooden ball newel cap. The Sleek curves suit any
style of staircase.

Available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel.

ball newel cap (newel caps)

metal ball newel cap staircase

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17.  Metal Flat Newel Cap.


Metal Flat Cap.

The stunning features of chrome or brushed nickel combined with oak or white wood give this newel cap a unique look and feel that blend with both traditional and contemporary staircases.

metal flat newel caps (newel caps) 

flat newel cap staircase (newel caps)


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18.  Handcarved Newel Caps.

Handcarved Newel Cap

The perfect way to complete the look of your traditional staircase, our handcarved newel caps are available in a choice of styles and sizes. These highly decorative parts are also known as finials and will add a touch of elegance to your hallway. 

 handcarved newel caps (newel caps)

 handcarved newel caps (newel caps)


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Why do clients come to Pear Stairs?

As staircase specialists in the UK, we pride ourselves on offering a fantastic range of newel caps, accommodating the requirements of all customers – regardless of budget. We guarantee excellent value for money and are confident that our newel caps won’t be beaten on price.

Need help deciding which staircase newel cap is right for you? The Pear Stairs’ team are always on hand to help. We can offer professional guidance and advice to support you in choosing the very best finish for your newly built or renovated staircase.

Browse our collection of newel caps below for inspiration. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us on 01938 553311, or if you’re ready to order, simply email your requirements to us at