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FUSION stairs are manufactured by Richard Burbidge.  You cannot buy Richard Burbidge stair parts direct. These can only be purchased from an authorised supplier such as Pear Stairs. We currently have a wide range of the FUSION stair parts available in our online store.

Innovative, flexible, simple, versatile.

FUSION is a truly innovative new stair balustrade system created and designed by the Richard Burbidge product development team, who work closely with Pear Stairs.

So what is FUSION?

Gone is the traditional newel, now replaced by the same round handrail profile of the handrail. Sleekly designed connectors fix the rails and newels together, and ingenious brackets fit the spindles to the minimalist round handrail and baserail.

The spindle brackets flex to suit pitches between 38° to 45°. Once fixed in place, the ABS material they're produced in, means they will remain firmly at the correct angle. 

The handrails, baserails and newels are prefinished in a clear varnish.  The chrome plated and brushed nickel spindles and brackets are ready to use and unlike timber there is no need to individually sand down tens of spindles.

There are a variety of design options to suit different tastes, including two timbers: oak and pine. The metal spindles and handrail connecting brackets are available in contemporary chrome plate or brushed nickel.

Whether you have a modern loft style apartment or a traditional semi, FUSION will create a distinct look that will breathe life and texture into the home.

Below are the components which make up the Richard Burbidge FUSION staircase system.

Closed String Adjustable Staircase
Landing Connector 

Note: "MMAL" can easily be adjusted to be straight through or to turn 90°

Fusion™ Closed String Adjustable Staircase Landing Connector Part Ref MMAL

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Closed String Staircase
Wall Connector 


Closed String Staircase Wall Connector Part Ref MMWC


Closed String Staircase Newel
Base Connector 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase Newel Base connector Part REf MMNC


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Closed String Staircase
Top Connector 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase Top connector Part Ref MMTC


Closed String Staircase
Bottom Connector 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase Bottom Connector (Part Ref MMBC)


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Closed String Horizontal Staircase Turn
Left Hand - MMHTL
Right Hand - MMHTR

Fusion™ Closed String Horizontal Staricase Turn Left and Right Hand MMHTL, MMHTR


Closed String Staircase Intermediate Connector 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase Intermediate Connector - MMIC


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Closed String Half Staircase Landing Connector 

Fusion™ Clsoed String Half Staircase Landing Connector - MMHL


Closed String Adjustable Staircase Landing Connector

"MMAL" cab easily be adjusted to be straight through or to turn 90°.

Closed String Adjustable Staircase Landing Connector MMAL


Closed String Staircase Landing Connector 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase Landing Connector  MMLC


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Closed String Staircase End Cap 

Fusion™ Closed String Staircase End Cap MMEC


Handrails, newels and baserails are available in these two timber options:

Fusion™ Pine

fusion™ Oak




Newels, Handrails, Baserails and Glass

Selection in our Fusion Stair Shop:

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Fusion™ Newel

Fusion™ Baserail

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2.4m, 3.6m & 4.2m

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2.4m, 3.6m & 4.2m

Please Note:  Handrail and newel are exactly the same product and design i.e. 54mm diameter with one flat edge.

Please Also Note:  If you only need a small length of handrail to finish a job it is cheaper to purchase a newel post.


Pear Stairs have a number of Richard Burbidge staircase accessories available in our online store, these include:

Tool Kit

To make things easier we offer a tool kit with all the necessary tools required to install Fusion™ balustrading.

  • 1 x 25mm spade bits
  • 1 x 20mm spade bits
  • 1 x 13mm spade bits
  • 1 x drill depth guard
  • 1 x 2mm drill bit
  • 1 x 5mm allen key
  • 1 x double headed cross head screw driver
  • 1 x socket


Fusion™ Tool Kit


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Metal Spindles

Fusion™ Staircase Spindle

Fusion™ Landing Spindle

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Connectors and spindles available in these finishes:

Fusion™ Chrome Plated Finish

Fusion™ Brushed Nickel Finish

Chrome Plated

Brushed Nickel

With the information above you should be able to pick out all the components you need in order to complete an order.

Below are further examples of all the components in varying combinations. Remember if you are stuck at any stage please don't hesitate to phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.

Fusion™ Dogleg with double bullnose and pulpit end.

Buying your Richard Burbidge Fusion staircase parts is straightforward with Pear Stairs.

Pear Stairs is a main supplier of the Fusion collection. If you have any questions about the range don't hesitate to phone us on 01938 553311.

Richard Burbidge Fusion Range & Fusion Stair Parts

richard burbidge fusion banner

FUSION by Richard Burbidge is an innovative range of stair parts that incorporates metal, glass and timber components for a fresh contemporary style. Richard Burbidge products cannot be bought directly from themselves and are instead available from authorised suppliers such as Pear Stairs. A vast range of Fusion stair parts are available via the Pear Stairs online store.

Innovative, Flexible, Simple, Versatile Stair Parts

The Fusion collection has been designed around the ideals of versatility, flexibility, simplicity and style. This means that Fusion balustrades and handrails are straightforward top install and achieve a powerful contemporary aesthetic. For example, instead of utilising traditional newel posts, the range features posts that match the sleek profiles of the handrails for a uniform look.

The collection also features a selection of connectors and brackets that simplify the installation process while providing a minimalist aesthetic. Many connectors in the range are adjustable in order to suit your precise space and style requirements. For an extra level of personalisation, the metal components in the collection are available in a choice of either chrome or brushed nickel finish. Both look fantastic, with the chrome having a bright and contemporary appeal and the brushed nickel providing a refined and textured appearance.

Fusion Stair Parts

fusion connectors, richard burbidge connectors, balustrade connectors

The range of connectors in the Fusion collection allows the creation of a bespoke balustrade shape in order to fit almost any space. The adjustable landing connectors do just what they say and can be turned to  fit obtuse and acute angled handrails, while the intermediate connectors turn to fit the precise angle of your staircase. Every connector in the Fusion range is available in either a chrome or a brushed nickel finish to suit your or your client’s precise taste. To start shopping for Fusion Connectors, click here.

Richard Burbidge Fusion Metal Finish Options

fusion finishes

The two finish options for metal components in the FRusion collection are Chrome or Brushed Nickel. Both look great though we would recommend a consistent use of one finish in a balustrade for a more effective visual impact.

richard burbidge fusion spindles, spindles at pear stairs

The handrails and baserails in the Fusion collection facilitate the installation of either glass panels or metal balusters. If you’re here to find out which is better, you’re out of luck because it is purely down to personal preference. Glass panels allow more light to pass through so are a good choice to minimise shadows and maximise light. Spindles on the other hand provide a powerful uniform style and are available in either chrome or a brushed nickel finish. In terms of design there are two types of spindle, the MK1 and the MK2. The MK1 spindles are stylish yet simplistic while the MK2 spindles are the premium option, boasting a more refined design. Please note, it is important that you order the correct handrail/baserail depending on whether you are going for glass or spindles, order the wrong one and installation can be extremely difficult. Click here to start shopping for Fusion Spindles.

glass panel balustrade pear stairs

Glass panels in the Fusion range are available for both rake and landing balustrades and are attached using a choie of metal brackets, available in either a chrome or brushed nickel finish. To discover the Fusion glass range, click here.

pear stairs handrails, richard burbidge fusion handrails, fusion handrail

Also included in the Fusion range are a selection of handrails and baserails. Rails are available in either white oak or pine and come in two basic designs, facilitating the installation of spindles or a glass panel balustrade. Along with providing individual handrails and parts for construction of a balustrade, the Fusion collection also features handrail kits. These wall mounted handrails are the perfect choice for achieving a stylish finish when you do not have the space for a full balustrade. Each kit contains 3 1.2 metre lengths of handrail and all the brackets and caps necessary for the installation.

richard burbidge handrail kits pear stairs

Fusion Tool Kit
fusion tool kit

Along with stair parts, the Pear Stairs store also sells Fusion tool kits. These contain all of the bits and basic tools required to successfully install a Fusion balustrade. Please note this does not include any powertools necessary for the installation. 
For more on Richard Burbidge fusions, peruse the pear stairs online store or contact the design team on 01938 553311. To start designing your very own bespoke staircase, try the free online staircreator. This free tool instantly renders your staircase ideas in full 3D while providing an estimate quote on the project. For a more personal design process along with expanded options including curved staircases, contact the Pear Stairs design team on the above number or at

Image Credits: Richard Burbidge.