Curved Staircases

A Pear Stairs custom-made curved staircase is the epitome of sophistication. Carefully designed and beautifully formed from traditional oak, it will create a truly striking first impression in any hallway.

Your staircase is a key element of your home’s architectural design. More importantly, it is a reflection of your personal style and taste.

The Pear Stairs curved staircase combines structural integrity with luxury, and will transform the focal point of your home.

 Curved Staircase from Pear Stairs

The Louth curved staircase, made from American White Oak with a classic stop-chamfered balustrade.

Splayed Staircases

The more gently curved splayed staircase is an equally impressive way of dramatically enhancing a hallway.

Either one or both strings of the staircase can be splayed, depending upon your individual preference.

Whilst this design is more understated compared to the curved staircase, the elegance of the splayed staircase still creates a unique ambience and makes a powerful statement.

Carrodale - Splayed Curved Staircase from Pear Stairs   Mitchell Staircase - Splayed Curved Staircase from Pear Stairs

The Carrodale curved oak staircase is splayed on one side and elegantly adorned with a sweeping handrail and volute newel post.


The magnificent Mitchell stairs are  from American White Oak and splayed on both sides.  It is personalised with parts from our Classical range.

Every staircase is unique and tailor-made to precisely accommodate your needs. Its individuality will set your stairway and your home apart.


The solid timber we use is of the highest quality and is not engineered or laminated.

Most of our curved and splayed staircases are made from American White or European Oak. However, we can make staircases using a variety of different timbers, including softer pines such as Redwood and Whitewood.


American White Oak

American White Oak is a strong and heavy hardwood grown in the eastern states of the USA.

It is cleaner and, some would argue, more modern than its European counterpart.  This is one of the main reasons why it is the most popular choice for curved staircases in new or renovated properties, where the customer is looking to combine contemporary style with traditional elegance.

American White Oak varies in colour from light tan to a rich dark brown, making it an interesting and versatile material.

American White Oak Curved Staircase Material

European Oak

The more rustic-looking European Oak is another timber commonly used to make curved and splayed staircases.

Its knots are larger than those of the American white and its the straight dense grain, along with its slightly darker colour, provides the Oak with a distinctive charm.

European Oak Curved Staircase Material



Cut String

The strings of all our curved and splayed staircases are cut to accommodate the shape of the treads and risers.

Their profile is clearly visible from the side and this more ornate style adds to the character of the staircase.

Cut string curved Staircase

The strings are connected to the treads and risers of the stairs by three-way mitre joints, which provide the staircase with extra strength.

The edges of each part are bevelled at 45⁰ which join neatly together to form angles of 90⁰.


The cut strings of the staircase are further embellished by the addition of return nosings, which conceal the end grain of the treads, giving the stairs a clean, smooth finish.



The cut strings of the Louth Staircase have return nosings made out of American White Oak.


 A return nosing is a rounded moulding used to trim the treads of the staircase.  The end of the return nosing extends beyond the face of the riser by the same distance as its width.

return nosing   Return nosings

return nosings curved

 The curved shape of the return nosings used by Pear Stairs are unique; they seamlessly conform to the sweeping arc of the staircase.

Spindles and Newel Posts

An impressive range of decorative spindles, newel posts and newel caps can be used to distinguish your staircase.

These are available in white American and European Oaks or any other timber you may select for your curved or splayed staircase.

Oxford fluted newel posts

The splayed Compton staircase incorporates the Oxford fluted newel posts and spindles to complement the continual handrail which is enhanced by two wreathed volutes.  All of these accessories were made from American White Oak to perfectly match the sweeping staircase.



Pear Stairs offers a wide variety of handrails, another way in which you can add charm to your curved staircase.

Curved Staircase Handrail

The Carrodale curved staircase has a continuous handrail complete with a volute, constructed of American White Oak.


As well as handrails that run along the length of your staircase, we have a number of different balustrades for landings.

 curved balustrade

An extra curved balustrade was specially designed for the Carrodale staircase to run along the landing.


Bullnose Step (curtail step for volute)

A bullnose step or a D-end step can be added to the bottom of a curved or splayed staircase.

Whilst a bullnose step is curved on one or both sides, the tread of a D-end step passes the newel post on the balustrade which then returns back into the side of the newel.

Bullnose step for Curved Staircase

Both designs complement the graceful curve of the staircase, creating a distinctly sophisticated impression in the entrance to your home.

If a continuous handrail ends with a volute, the staircase will have a curtail step at the bottom to accommodate the volute and newel post.

volute staircase

The art of designing, planning and sourcing exactly the right materials for creating a curved staircase is not something that can be learnt overnight. The craftsmen at Pear Stairs have spent over two decades perfecting the method of manufacturing curved and splayed staircases.


Curved staircase mid production

A view of a curved staircase from above during production. 


The design-led production process incorporates a significant level of innovation.  This has impacted the selling price, yet the quality of the staircase has not been compromised.

A classical helical or splayed stairway is an outstanding example of an understated, yet transformational, centre piece. When you want to make a stunning visual statement to the entrance of your home, there is no better choice than an exquisite Pear Stairs curved staircase.

 Curved Stairs from Pear Stairs

Pear Stairs sell a number of products to finish your staircase.

Remember if you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us about your staircase finish, we are a friendly company, phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.