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Whether it’s for a brand new set of stairs or a staircase renovation, if you’re looking for a stair handrail, you’ve come to the right place.

Used as an aid for ascending and descending stairs, a stair handrail is a fantastic safety feature – and with our range, they can look great too.

According to staircase regulations, staircases less than 1m wide should have a handrail on at least one side – anything wider will need a handrail on both sides.

Here at Pear Stairs, we supply an extensive range of stair handrails to complement your décor, including standard, wooden, mopstick and pigs ear.

If you’re looking to enhance your modern staircase, a wooden handrail could be the perfect solution.

Renowned for their timeless appeal, wooden handrails are an excellent choice. Pair an oak handrail with a glass balustrade for a striking and enduring look.

If you’re unsure which handrail to choose, why not take some inspiration from our extensive collection below? You can also get in touch with our team on 01938 553311 to discuss your requirements in detail, or email webenquiries@pearstairs.co.uk for expert advice.

Wall-mounted handrails are a convenient option when there is not enough space for a full balustrade. If a staircase is narrower than 1 metre it requires a handrail on at least one side, any wider and it needs a handrail on both sides. The bottom two steps of a staircase do not require a handrail at all. Pear Stairs boasts a wide selection of staircases and stair parts, including a variety of wall-mounted handrails.

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Mopstick Handrail

The Mopstick handrail is compact, easily installed and affordable. A Mopstick handrail is ideal for stairs with a wall on one or both sides. They are the go-to handrail for complying with building regulations as they are quick to install and have versatile placement options. At Pear Stairs there are an array of handrails, mounting brackets and end caps to choose from, so you can fully customise a mopstick handrail to your own preferences.

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Pigs Ear Handrail

A Pigs Ear handrail is similar to a Mopstick handrail in its applications. It is a wall-mounted option that suits a domestic staircase where a wall is on one or both sides. The main difference between a Mopstick handrail and a Pigs Ear is that the latter is mounted directly onto the wall without the need for brackets. The simpler design of a Pigs Ear gives it a decluttered aesthetic. The smooth curves of the Pigs Ear shape (for which the design is named) are also pleasant to the touch. Pigs Ear handrails are available from Pear Stairs in a variety of timbers, including; hemlock, pine, sapele, ash, and white oak. They can also be purchased with a white prime finish.

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Standard Stairs Handrail

If a Mopstick and/or a Pigs Ear is too simple a design for your tastes, there is always the option of wall mounting a traditional handrail. Ordinarily, these handrails would be accompanied by spindles and full balustrading but they can also be wall mounted with the use of brackets. Either low profile or standard handrails may be chosen of which there are an array of options in the Pear Stairs online store.

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Wall Mounted Handrail Brackets

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Black Wall Mounted Brackets

With the exception of Pigs Ear, you will require brackets to mount your handrail.  A popular choice would be Richard Burbidge black metal brackets. The dark tone of these brackets means they handily complement both traditional and contemporary styles. If you are after something more stylised there are an array of bracket designs available in finishes that range from chrome, to brass, to gun metal.

Silver Wall Mounted Brackets

Silver finished handrail brackets have a bright and appealing look. They can be paired with most interior styles, though they best suit contemporary designs.

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Brass Wall Mounted Brackets

Used on all wall mounted handrails with the exception of the pigs ear handrail where a bracket is not required. Brass has a warm colour to it that complements traditional home and property styles.

Contemporary Wall Mounted Brackets

There are also a variety of modern handrail bracket designs available. These sleek options provide a stylish stair accessory in brushed nickel or chrome.

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Contemporary End Caps

The Richard Burbidge Fusion range offers an appealing contemporary aesthetic with a unique range of end caps available. These end caps are only suitable if you purchase the Fusion handrail which is available in 2.44, 3.66 or 4.27 metre lengths. These handrails are available in pine, beech, sapele, or white oak.

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Round End Caps

There is an element of charm to the simplicity of a round end cap. These end caps fit to the end of standard round Mopstick handrails, providing a neat and complete finish. Pear Stairs offer a selection of round end caps in a variety of finishes, including; brass, silver and matt black. Suitable for 54mm diameter handrails.

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How About A Complete Handrail Kit

Pear Stairs offer a complete stair handrail boxed set with everything you need to add a stylish new wall handrail to your staircase. Supplied in one easy-to-handle box that fits comfortably in most car boots. The pack includes all the necessary components for a 3.6m wall mounted handrail including all three 1.2m finished timber rails in Pine or White Oak, plus four wall brackets and two end caps in a modern brushed nickel finish.

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Pear Stairs sell wall mounted handrails in all shapes and sizes, but remember if you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us about your choice of wall mounted handrails. We are a very friendly company, phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.