Stringers for your Staircase from Pear Stairs

As one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of stairs, staircases and stair parts in the UK, Pear Stairs has a large range of stair stringers for your staircase.

What is a stair stringer?

Stair Stringer  

A stair stringer (also called ‘string’ or ‘stringer board’) is the housing on either side of a flight of stairs, into which the treads and risers are fixed.

A staircase will have two stringers, one on either side of the steps.

Wall Stringer  

If one edge of the flight sits flush against an adjacent wall, the stringer that connects the treads and risers to the wall is referred to as a ‘wall stringer’.

Cut Stringer  

Staircase stringers may be manufactured to ‘house in’ or hide the edge of the stairs from view, or cut and mitred to the shape of the stairs so as to expose the tread profile.

Different types of stair stringer?

We can supply staircase stringers in a variety of different styles and materials.

We sell pre-made stringers, which are available in the sizes specified in the descriptions below. Alternatively, we can manufacture custom to your specifications, ensuring compatibility with your staircase design.

Closed stringers

Closed Stringer  

Our standard closed stringers are designed to ‘house in’ or hide the edge of your stairs from view.

Closed Stringer  

We sell pre-made standard stringer boards to 32mm thickness and 244mm height. These are available in 2.4, 3.6 and 4.2m lengths direct from our online shop.

We strongly recommend using stair stringers of a minimum width of 32mm, as anything less can result in squeaky treads in your staircase.


Cut stringers

Cut Stringer  

Cut stringers are cut to the shape of your stairs to display the side profile of each step.

Cut Stringer  

We sell pre-made FSC certified cut stringers for outdoor use. These are treated for weather resistance, and are designed for use with the exterior decking and accompanying stair fixings available in our Outdoor Balustrading and Decking Shop .

These cut stringers are supplied in lengths of 1m for 3 steps, or 1.6m for 5 steps, manufactured to 48mm thickness and 260mm height, and are produced to a 35° pitch (the angle of the stairs from top to bottom).

Cut Stringer  

Pre-made interior cut stringers are not available to order although we do manufacture them as part of your staircase design, manufacturing them to suit your stair measurements and in your preferred timber.

Cut Stringer  

Thanks to the expertise of our experienced staff, we can even produce curved stringers where required, for use with curved staircases.


Cut stringers with bracket

Cut Stringer with bracket  

A type of cut stringer which incorporates a decorative outside bracket, as well as showcasing the side profile of the stairs.

We don’t stock pre-made cut strings with brackets in our online shop. Get in touch with our design team to discuss the type of outside bracket you might want – we can produce brackets to our standard design (pictured), or to a design specified by you.

Cut Stringer with bracket  

Alternatively, you can opt for a cut stringer without an external bracket.


Routed stringers

Routed Stringers  

Routed stringers (sometimes called ‘box stringers’) are a type of staircase stringer which has been ‘routed out’ (‘hollowed out’) to incorporate notches into which treads, risers and wedges can be inserted.

It then acts as a supporting joist for each tread.

Routed Stringers  

Routed stringers can be used to increase the ease of staircase installation. Only closed stringers can be routed.

Stairs installed using routed strings are sometimes called ‘housed and wedged’ stairs.

Sorry, custom and pre-made routed stringers are not available except as a complete staircase.



Buy Stair Stringers Online with Pear Stairs

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You can also take a look at our free staircase design tool to see what the different stringers will look like on your staircase.