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Timber Spindle Options

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Oak Spindles - American/European

American White Oak is used exclusively in the UK for internal joinery, being kiln dried to approximately 10%. A Strong, heavy hardwood grown in the Eastern half of the United States. Due to the high costs of large sections, newel posts and handrails are laminated, careful attention being paid to grain matching. European Oak is a close relative botanically to Quercus Robur and our English species is equally adaptable for internal stair parts.

Ash Spindles

Shown in Oxford style spindles

A quality American hardwood, Ash can be stained and polished to a very good finish.

Pine and Yellow Pine Spindles

Pine Spindles

Shown in Colonial style spindles

Pine is a reliable Scandinavian timber, an economical wood suitable for staining and painting. All knots in the timber are sound.

Southern Yellow Pine Spindles

Southern Yellow Pine has distinctive character in both colour and grain. Although generally clear a limited number of small knots are permitted. Grown in the Southern United States, it enjoys the reputation of being exceptionally strong and has a high resistance to wear. whilst relatively easy to work this wood is comparable to hardwood species such as Oak for strength.

Hemlock and Sapele Spindles At Pear Stairs

Hemlock Spindles

Shown in Oxford Twist style spindles

Hemlock is straightened clear, virtually knot free timber. It is especially attractive since it will varnish to a rich golden colour. Hemlock is of uniform density and will take stain easily with the minimum of colour distortion; it is easy to use and does not split or break whilst being worked, being less brittle and therefore stronger than many hardwoods.

Sapele Spindles

Sapele is a West African hardwood, with a reddish-brown colouring, typical of Sapele. This close textured timber is harder and heavier than both American and South American Mahogany. As with any natural product, variation in colour is to be expected. Other timbers they can be supplied in include; Black Walnut or Idigbo.

More Spindle Options

Key parts of a Stair Balustrade

  • handrails or banisters – railing at the top of the balustrade, supported by newel posts
  • baserail – railing at the bottom of spindles which supports the steps
  • spindles – decorative uprights running between the handrail and base rail
  • newel posts – strong, structural support for the handrail
  • newel caps – decorative top of the newel to enhance the final look
  • You can find more detail about the different parts of a balustrade below.

Staircase Spindles Building Regulations

Before you choose your spindles you must remember that for new houses building inspectors will not provide a Certificate of Completion
unless your staircase complies with current building regulations. For spindles and for any part of the staircase this includes: "Staircases
must be constructed so that a 100mm sphere cannot pass through any openings." This regulation has been stipulated by the government
in order to minimise the risk of small children accidently getting their heads stuck in between the spindles and hurting themselves. 
Please Note: Pear Stairs does not recommend altering plans after receiving the building certificate as alterations may
breach building regulations and cause a safety risk.

Mix and Match Spindles

There are no limitations to mixing and matching spindles. If there are multiple designs you like, even in different materials,
consider creating your own unique spindle combination. Below is a breakdown of the varying styles of spindles Pear Stairs sells.
They are sold in varying sizes including 32mm, 35mm or 41mm square. 900mm or 1100mm long. 900mm and 1100mm spindles
may be alternated on a cut string for an even handrail. 

Staircase spindle elevation guidance, staircase tread spacing distance

plain and chamfered spindles pear stairs, buy online

Standard Square Spindles

The ultimate in uncomplicated design. The clean lines of the square spindles will never go out of fashion.                                                                                  


Stop Chamfered

A classic style that is popular in contemporary designs; perfectly highlights the natural beauty and texture of the wood.

stop ovolo spindles, buy online, par stairs

Stop Ovolo Spindles

A modern, simplistic look infused with timeless elegance creating a stunning balustrade. The Ovolo range offers clean elegant lines with the fine detail of the chamfered edge. Ovolo moulding is a classic design that has been used since at least Ancient Greek times. The chamfered design draws the eye to the natural texture of the timber used and highlights the quality of workmanship.

Traditional Timber Spindles

A beautifully styled spindle perfect for more traditional look, but still maintaining an attractive and homely feel.            

Georgian spindles, georgian fluted spindles, spindles at Pear Stairs

Georgian Spindles

The Georgian style is Pear Stairs' most popular spindle thanks to its elegant but simple design it will suit most styles of home. Pear Stairs sells thousands each year, as part of a staircase or as parts.


Georgian Fluted Spindles

The fluted version of our Georgian range. The fluting adds an extra touch of elegance to this classic design.                                                                              

Oxford spindles, fluted spindles, buy online

Oxford Spindles

The Oxford style is an alternative design to the Georgian, a more rounded look, but still distinctive and attractive in any home.


Oxford Fluted Spindles

The fluting adds carved indents to the shaft of the spindles and gives Oxford spindles an extra element of elegance to what is already a popular spindle design.

colonial spindles, fluted spindles, buy online, pear stairs

Colonial Spindles

The colonial never fails to impress and is a favourite of many home renovators. A timeless classic.                                                                                              


Fluted Colonial Spindles

Fluting always adds an attractive element to spindles or newels.

provincial and twisted spindles, twisted spindles buy online

Provincial Spindles

For those who desire something a bit different, the Provincial range offers style and sophistication.                                                                                             


Twisted Spindles

A more traditional design which can be used with or without the twisted newel posts to create a stunning look.

Pear Stairs Metal Spindles

Metal spindles can add texture and charm to any staircase through its contrast of classic wrought iron and warm natural timbers. Our metal spindle range offers a choice of styles in a black sandgrain finish. The spindles can be mixed and matched to create your own individual look. Pear Stairs spindles are suitable for closed string domestic pitch of 42° with handrail heights of 900mm. Made of mild steel ours are easy to cut and quick to install on both stairs and landings.

boston beaufort spindles, metal spindles, pear stairs, boston spindles, beaufort spidles

Boston Spindles

The Boston metal spindle offers clean lines which compliment other metal spindles within the range. The simplicity of this design makes it a top choice for contemporary styles where a clean finish is desired.


Beaufort Spindles

The subtle centre twist gives the Beaufort metal spindle an extra aesthetic flourish. These spindles complement other metal spindles in the range wonderfully.

charleston spindles, metal spindles, madison spindles, pear stairs

Charleston Spindles

The tight twists of Charleston spindles give them a fascinating texture and an altogether rustic feel. The smooth finish of these spindles allows them to complement both contemporary and traditional styles.


Madison Spindles

The wide twists of Madison spindles are reminiscent of the Beaufort design. The similarities between the two designs make them pair up excellently for a smooth alternating finish.

edisto spindles, metal spindles, savannah spindles, pear stairs

Edisto Spindles

The ornate bowed cages of Edisto spindles gives them a graceful appeal. These ornate spindles are recommended for anyone looking to achieve a grand aesthetic for their balustrade.


Savannah Spindles

The combination of twists and bowed cages mirrors the Edisto spindles as a diametric opposite. As these spindles are the reverse of one another they go together well to form an aesthetically pleasing pattern.

wood and metal spindles, metal spindles, wood spindles, staircase online

Wood & Metal Spindles

The spindles, having been primed, can be painted in any colour. A contemporary spindle giving an ultra-modern look. Although this is shown in Oak, Pear Stairs can manufacture the timber in any wood. Please phone and ask us on 01938 553311.

Ikon Spindles

Ikon spindles are perfectly suited to homes that crave the contemporary appeal without losing the feel of classical elegance. The delicate balance of timber and metal mean that there spindles complement most interior styles.


Pear Stairs sell spindles in all shapes and sizes but remember, if you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us about your choice. We are a very friendly company, phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.

Pear Stairs can deliver to anywhere in the mainland UK, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Leicestershire, Norfolk and Wiltshire .

Pear Stairs sell spindles in all shapes and sizes but remember, if you have any questions don't hesitate to phone us about your choice. We are a very friendly company, phone Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.

Pear Stairs can deliver to anywhere in the mainland UK, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Essex, Leicestershire, Norfolk and Wiltshire .