Pear Stairs are one of the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of Stair Parts

Parts from Pear Stairs

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of staircases and stair parts in the UK, Pear Stairs have a large range of staircase parts available to order today from our online store . All of our stair parts have been designed and manufactured to the highest quality and are available at very reasonable prices.

The parts that we can current supply include:

Oak Staircase Parts  –  our online store sells a large range of oak stair parts. You can select the stair parts you want in the timber you want.

Softwood Staircase Parts   –  we have a selection of spindles, handrails, newel posts, newel caps, treads, steps, risers and more available in different softwoods. You can select the stair parts you want in the timber you want.

Hardwood Staircase Parts   –  we currently have a range of hardwood stair components available in our online shop including treads, risers, steps, handrails and spindles. You can select the stair parts you want in the timber you want.

Staircase Accessories   –  we can also provide staircase accessories in our online store including wall brackets, end caps, baluster brackets, cover plugs and other accessories.

Loft Ladders   –  our online store contains a range of loft ladders, including spacesaving options.

Outdoor Balustrading and Decking   –  our online shop also carries balustrading and decking suitable for use outdoors.

Trademark Metal Spindles  -  Our most popular selling metal spindle ranges, finished in a very desirable black finish. A spindle with a rustic twist design, adding glamour and unique appeal.

Elements Metal Spindles  -  Very stylish metal spindles. The spindles have a black finish, which can also be painted if required.

Fusion Metal Balusters (Spindles)  -  Contemporary and modern metal spindles, transforming any staircase refurbishment. A very quick and easy installation system making the Fusion range ideal.

Metal Spindles with Wood -  Oak and stainless steel spindles. Perfect to add a contemporary edge to your staircase design.

Metal Newel Caps -  An interesting range of metal newel caps, some with the a timber and metal combination.

120mm Hardwood and Softwood Staircase Components (Fernhill Classic Range) - Our larger 120mm stair parts range offering elegance and sophistication, in an array of different timbers. Timbers include oak, pine, sapele, hemlock and ash.

Scroll down for more detailed information on a selection of our ranges within the Pear Stairs online shop. If you need any advise on any part of your staircase project or renovation, please give us a call on 01938-553311.

Metal spindles

One of the most popular ranges we have in stock is our Trademark Metal Spindles , which can be used on either cut or closed string staircases.

Our best-selling metal spindle designs are the Beaufort, Madison and Charleston styles.

Beaufort spindles


Black coated metal spindles with a simple three-turn centre twist, which attracts the eye without overpowering the surrounding architecture.

Beaufort metal spindles   are named for the historic district of Beaufort, in the US state of South Carolina.

This simple yet elegant design draws on the aesthetic of antebellum (pre-Civil War) American architecture, a period of décor influenced by classical styles introduced to the US by European settlers.

Beaufort spindles

Madison spindles

Charleston spindles  

The madison spindle design   is similar to that of the Beaufort spindle, simply replacing the central three-turn twist with a pair of two-turn twists at top and bottom of the shaft. They look particularly effective when used in combination with Beaufort spindles (as in the picture above).

  Charleston spindles

Charleston spindles

Madison spindles  

The charleston balusters   are distinguished by a low-profile, four-turn twist on the top and bottom sections of each baluster.

Named for another historic district of South Carolina, these spindles are also influenced by antebellum aesthetics and, in turn, by the neo-classical architecture that influenced them.

  Madison spindles

Mix and match your spindles

Here at Pear Stairs, we encourage our customers to try mixing and matching the different styles of spindle available, whether metal or wood – using two styles alternately can offer real visual interest and texture to your staircase

Mix and match your spindles  

Metal spindles lend themselves particularly well to the ‘mix and match’ style of balustrade.

This is largely due to the range of designs available, from highly decorative styles such as the  Edisto metal spindle  to the toned down style of the Madison spindle, which have been used alternately in the picture opposite.

By contrasting a highly decorative spindle with a less extravagant style, you can ensure a balanced balustrade which won’t overwhelm the surrounding architecture.


Savannah Metal Spindles

The stylish Savannah metal spindles  are yet another variation of design in the Trademark range. These spindles combine exceptional design at a very affordable price point.
Mix and match your spindles  

You can also try mixing wooden spindle styles.

This is especially effective when the spindles used incorporate different textures, such as the turned and twisted spindles which have been used alternately in the picture opposite.

Because the different forms reflect light differently, each spindle retains real individual impact, showcasing the quality of the woodwork.

Pear Stairs online shop has spindles in three standard sizes, in two lengths. Shop For 32mm 35mm and 41mm Spindles (Lengths 900mm and 1100mm)

We also sell the LARGER Fernhill Classic 55mm Spindle  (in both 900mm and 1100mm).


Metal newel caps

Metal Newel Caps are available from our online shop as part of your bespoke staircase design.

Metal newel caps  

Truly unique, these newel caps enable you to mix metal and timber for an ultra-modern look.

The impact of this is enhanced by the combination of traditional shapes with a modern metal finish.

Our metal newel caps are available in three designs:

Metal newel caps  

The metal ball cap modernises what is perhaps the most familiar style of newel cap.

This style is available in :  CHROME BRUSHED NICKEL or BLACK

Metal newel caps  

The metal pyramid cap is offered with a choice of Chrome Plated  or Brushed Nickel edges.

They are topped with a low-profile pyramid of either oak, whitewood, or pine, for a subtle, modern gleam that can suit many different styles of staircase.

Metal newel caps  

This simple flat cap style is available in 90 x 90mm brushed nickel , 90 x 90mm chrome  or 90 x 90mm black coated . The flat style is also available in the size 90 x 45mm (black or brushed nickel only).

Ideal for a staircase which makes the most of modern, clean lines and geometric shapes.


Hand-carved newel caps

Pear Stairs can supply hand carved finial newel caps   for your staircase. Each finial is handcrafted in America using limewood and shipped to us in temperature-controlled conditions. (Because each newel cap is guaranteed to have been carved by hand only, exact dimensions and details can vary slightly).

Hand-carved newel caps  

The impressive Acanthus Style  designs. Available in small, medium and large.


The acanthus is a classical and extremely popular plant form that is commonly used to make foliage decoration and ornaments. The exact structure of this style of decoration varies due to the different leaf forms found on the different species of acanthus plant. This style has been used in architecture and for many other decorative objects since at least ancient Greek times. 

Hand-carved pineapple newel caps in limewood  

The highly decorative Pineapple Style  is available in a small, medium or extended design.


The pineapple has been a universal symbol of hospitality for centuries and is a hugely popular design for finials used as decorative features on furniture and in architecture. 

Hand-carved newel caps  

The artistic Gothic Style  available in small, medium or large designs.


Gothic style architecture, art, and design is a classic medieval style that is often used for decorative features. Our Gothic finials are a simple but stylish design of newel cap.


A range of handrail profiles

Pear Stairs supplies a wide range of handrails with varied and interesting profiles. Here’s a sample of the handrail profiles  on offer in our online shop:

A range of handrail profiles   A range of handrail profiles   A range of handrail profiles

Handrail Profile No. 6


Handrail Profile No. 2


Handrail Profile No. 24

Handrail profile   Handrail profile   Handrail profile

Handrail Profile No. 11


Handrail Profile No. 13


Handrail Profile No. 18


Because we have so many handrail shapes in stock, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a style to match your individual taste. As the handrail is the first part of the staircase that most visitors will look at and touch, we believe it’s important that your handrail is of the highest quality it can be.

Each of the handrails we stock is available in:

  • Hemlock
  • Pine
  • Southern Yellow Pine
  • Sapele
  • American White Ash
  • American White Oak

You can also browse through some of the other handrails we produce in natural timber or in stunning white primed.

Handrail profile  

Still can’t see anything that fits your vision? Don’t panic! For the perfect match.


Pear Stairs is able to supply bespoke handrail profiles, manufactured to your design specifications.


Just get in touch with one of our design team and they will be happy to talk you through the process of designing your own handrail, unique to your staircase.


Decorative handrail end caps

At Pear Stairs, we stock a range of  handrail end caps   (sometimes called 'opening caps') in a variety of metal and wood designs:

Decorative handrail end caps  

From the ultra-modern Fusion end cap , available in stainless steel, chrome or brushed nickel ...

Decorative handrail end caps  

… to the traditional wooden end cap, available as a rounded end (shown left) or as an end scroll (shown right).

Wooden end caps are available in the full range of timbers stocked by Pear Stairs.

  Decorative handrail end caps

Handrail end caps are used to hide the end grain where the handrail has been cut to length and provide a fluid, non-abrupt finish to the top and bottom of the handrail.

Decorative handrail end caps  

We also stock a variety of  metal end caps including ones with delicate filigree metalwork, drawing on the Georgian style of décor.

These can be polished to a brass effect, or finished with a black or silver coating.

Decorative handrail end caps   

Also available are solid metal end caps, lacking the filigree metalwork of the above end caps.

These are available in either a small or medium size and offer a touch of simple, industrial elegance.

The delicate holes in the filigree pattern showcase the colour and texture of the wood beneath – ideal for showing off your choice of timbers!

Decorative handrail end caps

As above, this type of end cap is available in a polished brass effect, or finished with a black or silver coating.

Decorative handrail end caps

Bullnose and D-end steps

Bullnose and D-end steps  

A bullnose (also called a ‘bullnose step’ or ‘starting step’) is a decorative feature that can be added to the bottom of a staircase which is open on one or both sides. (‘Open’ means that the edge of the staircase does not butt up against a wall.)

Bullnose and D-end steps  

This means that the first step from the bottom of the staircase may be rounded, and wider than the other steps.

Bullnose and D-end steps  

A D-end step (sometimes called a ‘curtail step’) is a similar decorative feature, that can be added to the bottom of a staircase which is open on one or both sides.


Bullnose and D-end steps


A D-end differs from a bullnose in that it is wider, and usually incorporates a full turn of 180° on the rounded side.

Bullnose and D-end steps  

Pear Stairs supplies pre-made bullnose and D-End steps  available to ship to you immediately.

These can then be installed by you, cutting to size if necessary.

Bullnose and D-end steps  

Alternatively, we are able to manufacture bullnose or D-end steps ourselves, bespoke to your specifications. We have created a variety of bespoke bullnose steps for unique staircase designs, such as the square bullnose opposite.

Using kerfing, we can even create curved bullnose risers using hardwoods such as oak and sapele.

As well as supplying our stair parts locally, we also supply to Bedfordshire , Berkshire , Birmingham , Buckinghamshire , Cambridgeshire , Cornwall , Devon , Dorset , East Sussex , Essex , Gloucestershire , Hampshire , Kent , Leicestershire , London , Norfolk , Northamptonshire , Oxford , Somerset , Warwickshire , Wiltshire  and Worcestershire . If you are interested in any of the above, please visit our Online Shop  to see our full collection.