Six Steps
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Six Steps to the Next Level

Six Steps to the Next Level


Step 1: Measure.

The first step on the way to a complete staircase is to acquire the measurements for where the stairs are going to go. Measurements can be taken yourself; you may hire a joiner to take them, or we can arrange a site / home visit and take the necessary measurements for you. Once you have your measurements, it is on to the quotation stage.


Step 2: Quote.

Quickly receive a competitive quote either with the Stair Creator web tool or from our estimators team. The Stair Creator calculates a quote as you design your stairs, rendering the design in full 3D, making it quick and easy to evaluate costs; we won’t be beaten on price for a like for like staircase. Along with complete staircases, Pear Stairs can also provide individual stair parts, visit the online shop to discover the expansive range.


Step 3: Design.

We will then move to the design stage giving our customer a detailed 3D drawing of the staircase, with detailed plan and dimensions. We will go through the design and discuss as necessary, ensuring a customised and individual experience for all our customers. Once happy, the design is signed off  then it is off to our manufacturing facility for the next step of the process.


Step 4: Manufacture.

Beginning as a sawmill in the 19th century, Pear Stairs has a legacy of cutting and shaping timber. Today, the same buildings that once housed the mills now contain machinery and staff dedicated to producing high quality staircases and stair parts for your bespoke order. Thanks to a supply of quality materials and an efficient manufacturing line, Pear Stairs has short lead times, meaning your staircase can be with you in as little as 7 – 10 days*.

(*times may vary based on stair configuration and material)


Step 5: Deliver.

Thanks to a fleet of delivery vehicles, Pear Stairs can deliver your bespoke staircase order to anywhere in the mainland UK. As your staircase is delivered by us instead of a third-party courier there is less risk of miscommunication or delays, orders go straight from manufacturing to the vehicle before arriving at your door. Pear Stairs vehicles are each adorned with unique artwork by in house artist Clare Harper, making the fleet instantly recognisable.

Step 6: Fit

Step 6: Fit.

All complete staircases purchased from Pear Stairs are first dry fitted before they are sent out, this ensures that the installation will be fast and efficient. Your stairs can be fitted by whomever you like, whether that be yourself, a joiner or a fitter through Pear Stairs. If you would like to discuss the fitting of your staircase, Pear Stairs can be contacted via the email or phone on 01938 553311.

Contact Us to start your project. Pear Stairs can be contacted via the email or phone on 01938 553311.