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Glass staircases are becoming increasingly popular nowadays as homeowners look to update their properties and create a feeling of light and space. As one of the leading staircase manufacturers and suppliers in the UK, we are able to supply a wide range of glass stairs and staircase parts including glass treads, risers, side panels and landing balustrades - all made to measure. We can combine glass with wood or metal in all sorts of different sizes and configurations, so have a look through our Case Studies section for some inspiration.


Our staircases are dispatched without the glass. Once you have had the staircase fitted we will then ask you to check the final return balustrading inside dimension between the newels. We need dimensions A, B and C. You do not need to measure the rake balustrading, as this has already been done.     StairCreator          Design and Buy Staircase

  Glass stairs drawing        Glass stairs design  

Glass clamps

 The clamps are available in two sizes. Click here to shop for these glass stair components:  Shop for Glass Clamps


We build our staircases using high quality 10mm thick toughened glass. Your glass staircase panels can be cut to various shapes. However, please note that once the glass panels have been manufactured and toughened they cannot be cut again.


Curved Corner Glass Staircase

      Sharp corner glass staircase  

Glass panel bevelled edge


Please Note: As an additional option, we can offer complete glass panels with no gap.

Rebated handrail, baserail and newels accommodate a full sheet of glass.

These glass staircases take longer to install, as the joinery on the return balustrading cannot be fully finished until the final delivery of glass.

The glass panels have to be slipped into position at the same time as all components of the staircase are placed in situ.

Your glass panels will be slightly bevelled for safety, to ensure there are no sharp edges.


Pear Stairs glass staircases are built with a gap of 20mm all around between the glass and newel, handrail or top of the string.


Matt stainless steel clamps are used to grip the glass panels to keep them in place.


Glass staircase clamps

      Glass clamps installation  

The glass clamps are first screwed into the newel post.


       One side of the glass clamp is removed.

  Glass clamp with screw       Glass clamp montage  

Glass clamp screwed back in place

       One side of the clamp then has to be removed so that the glass panel can be held in position while the clamp side piece is screwed back into place.  

 Below (left) are the Pear Stairs glass staircase department recommended positions for fixing the glass clamps. However, we do have some customers who prefer clamping the staircase from the top and bottom, as shown in the picture on the right. 


Glass clamp positions


Glass clamp positions


A traditional staircase will have a through-section as shown in the picture on the left below, with spindles and a base rail.

Traditional stair newel


A glass staircase can be sent out with the profile shown below: here the staircase handrail will have no recess and the glass will sit just above the staircase string, i.e there is no base rail.Glass staircase newel


Glass stair newel cross-section with baserail

       You can also choose to have your glass staircase with a base rail, as shown below - it depends on your personal preference. In this instance, the staircase handrail and base rail will have no recess.  

At Pear Stairs we recommend that when using standard 10mm toughened glass, glass panel lengths do not exceed 1.7m. If this length is exceeded then 18mm toughened glass can be used, but the costs are approximately four times that of 10mm toughened glass. See below for a view of one of our staircases using 18mm toughened glass. 


3D balustrade with 18mm glass


Glass stair elevation with 18mm glass


Here are just a few of the glass staircases we have completed over the years, which can also be viewed in the case study section of our website where you can see hundreds of examples of the thousands of staircases and handrails we have built for our customers: 

  Shuddy Barn glass staircase      

Installed in a high-quality barn conversion, this beautifully crafted single winder American white oak staircase with glass balustrade leads to a substantial gallery landing.

The feature D-end step at the foot of the stairs has been left uncarpeted for additional impact. Toughened glass panels are secured to square newel posts with stainless steel clamps, which are topped off with pyramid newel caps.

Take a look at Case Study no. 579 for more pictures and design drawings.

  Roger Hill staircase      

The customer asked for a wow factor, so our designers came up with an American white oak staircase with a bullnose on a large D-end step, with glass balustrading throughout.   

For something a little different we followed through the glass on to the risers to give an 'open riser' effect and encourage light flow around the hallway. We finished off with square newel posts and pyramid newel caps, proving that less is quite definitely more.

More drawings and pictures are available in our Case Studies section - look for no. 507.

  Garthmyl staircase      

Our client wanted the staircase to have the classic feel of oak with a contemporary twist. We achieved this by combining a stainless steel handrail with a 10mm toughened glass balustrade which, together with the open tread design, allowed as much natural light as possible into the room.

See Case Study no. 576 for more pictures and design drawings.

  Glass stairs      

These striking stairs blend the elements of both timber and glass to create this superb visual effect. Used in combination with beautiful American white oak, the toughened glass, laminated 30mm thick treads give the staircase a unique look.

A large glass and oak balustrade running up the stairs and along the landing completes the project, making it a great focal point for the property.

You can find more pictures and design drawings under Case Study no. 149.

  Glass stairs      

Our team designed this stunning contemporary staircase with American white oak open treads and 13.5mm toughened and laminated glass panels, which were attached using cutting-edge style stainless steel discs.

The handrail and newel are also in oak. A powder-coated spine made from mild steel runs underneath to support the stair structure.

Take a look at Case Study no. 4 to see more photos and drawings.


Many more glass stairs are featured in our Case Studies pages. Just type 'glass' into the search box for a whole host of examples, photographs and design drawings, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. 

You might also like to try out our free StairCreator online design tool to see what your glass staircase could look like. If you have any questions, our friendly designers are happy to help (during office hours) on 01938 553311. Alternatively, email