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Founded on the site of the British Sawmills over a century ago. Pear Stairs is one of the most trusted manufacturers of staircases you can find.

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Create A Central Feature

Pear Stairs can turn something as outwardly simple and functional as a staircase into a beautiful central feature for your home. Founded in 1895, we have more than 100 years of experience in bespoke design and manufacture, making us the most experienced company in our field. We have always operated out of our British factory, and we’re still there today; but while our location and our mission remain the same, our knowledge and techniques are constantly developing.

We use the most advanced stair building techniques and collaborate with a workforce of exceptionally skilled craftsmen and specialists to produce each of our quality designs. Expertise is always on hand to overcome planning difficulties and complexities such as adjacent windows, acute turns and building regulation conflicts.

Design your own staircase online for free

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From Paper To Screen To Stairs

We can take the most basic customer sketch and transform it into a fully comprehensive plan, manufacturing each staircase exactly to customer requirements.

We produce staircases for indoor and outdoor settings, including straight, quarter landing, half landing, T-shaped, Z-shaped, double winder and triple winder. More recently, we have developed the technology to produce bespoke curved designs; in fact, we believe our curved stairs are the highest quality and most affordable in the UK.

All our staircases are available in a wide range of materials, ranging from oak to glass and even stainless steel. We also supply hundreds of stair parts and accessories in materials to match, such as glass balustrades, metal spindles and countless wooden spindle designs, from the classically ornate to the ultra-modern.

What’s more, we believe that every customer should be able to take control of their stair design; that’s why we developed the 3D StairCreator. This revolutionary tool lets you view a 3D model of your staircase, with estimated costs at every stage of the design process, as well as an automatically generated three-dimensional plan. .

Design your own staircase online for free

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Take Control Of Your Staircase and Home

Whether you choose to design your staircase using the StairCreator, have already decided on a design, or require a little help coming up with the perfect staircase for your home, we offer a customer-centred design process from start to finish.

One of our dedicated stair designers will be on hand at every stage, from the first enquiry to delivery of your stairs, to answer any questions you may have.

To get in touch with our experienced designers and speak about your ideas, pleas give us a call on 01938 553311.

Design your own staircase online for free


More Staircase Designs

Many more staircase designs are featured in our Case Studies pages. Take a look through over 700 of our past designs for a whole host of examples, photographs and design drawings, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

Design Your Own Staircase

We believe our clients deserve the tools to design the staircase they want, regardless of budget.

Get started designing your own staircase with our FREE staircase design tool,

or for more staircase design ideas, take a look at our database of over 700 case studies.

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