Oxfordshire Staircases are available from Pear Stairs

Why should the people of Oxfordshire buy their staircases from Pear Stairs? Simple; we design and manufacture the best stairs in the country, let alone Oxfordshire. The people of Oxford are renowned for their intelligence, so make the smart choice and shop for your staircase at Pear Stairs. Pear Stairs can fulfil all your stair needs; we create bespoke, masterfully crafted stairways, whilst also offering quality stair manufacturing and an online store with a wide range of stair parts.

Oxford Staircases & Curved Stair production

Pear Stairs provides the top level in Oxford staircase design and manufacturing, working with a large range of materials, including soft and hardwoods, and rarer timbers like sapele.

There are many parts and designs available to choose from; something to suit all tastes, even an Oxford range if you are so inclined. Live up to the grandeur of Oxford with our newly developed curved staircase production, which has taken years of expert innovation and dedication to master.

Oxford Stairs

Design your own Oxfordshire Staircase with our StairCreator tool

Oxford Stairs

You can now design yourself a unique stairway from the comfort of your Oxfordshire home, as we have developed an interactive, 3D stair design tool, which is free to use and gives you a comprehensive quote in minutes. There is no commitment, so play around with our StairCreator to visualise your dream staircase, in the heart of your home.

Everyone that makes the right decision and chooses Pear Stairs will be put in contact with one of our professional designers, who will advise you through the whole stair-creating process, with their expert knowledge on staircase design, materials and building regulations. Pear Stairs will then manufacture your stairway to the high-standard and finesse we pride ourselves on, before delivering the finished stairs to your Oxfordshire doorstep.

Pear Stairs are already providing excellent staircases for the people of Oxford and Oxfordshire, with satisfied customers happy to recommend our outstanding services and top-quality products.