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 Essex Stairs

Pear Stairs is one of the leading staircase designers, manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. We can offer the people of Essex their perfect staircase.

Pear Stairs offers a range of stair parts on their online shop for customers to browse, enquire after and purchase.

Not only does Pear Stairs offer these products, but after a number of years using the best technology available, we have recently advanced in becoming a manufacturer and supplier of high quality curved staircases that will not be beaten on price.

As you all know when it comes to Essex, glamourous and stylish comes to mind, and the county lives by the saying, the only way is Essex. However, when it comes to Pear Stairs, we can offer stylish and unique stairs at affordable and competitive prices.

Design your own Essex Staircase with our 3D Staircase Designer Tool

Finding your perfect stairway can be done in the comfort of your own home using the 3D staircase designer on our website.

We give the people of Essex the freedom of picking and choosing out of a range of staircases, stairs, parts, materials and even having the option to mix and match materials to design their very own dream stairway.

Once you have designed a staircase, you are then able to get a zero-commitment quote in a matter of seconds.

View examples of our Stairs available in Essex

The Pear Stairs website also offers a gallery where you can view a range of staircases that have been photographed by existing customers. The case studies page can help give you an idea of what type of stairs you are looking for before proceeding to design your own.

The people of Essex know that Chrishall Common, located near the village of Langley, is the highest point in Essex reaching 482 feet.

Pear Stairs can offer you a high point in your home with a range of stairs, staircases and stair parts.

So visit the online shop, design your own staircase or simply call. If the only way is Essex, then the only way is Pear Stairs.