Stairs & Staircases in Birmingham and the surrounding area from Pear Stairs

 Birmingham Stairs

Pear Stairs is one of Britain’s top staircase manufacturers, designers and suppliers. We are an innovative company that provides the people of Birmingham with high quality staircases, stairs and stair parts.

Like Birmingham inventor and pioneering industrialist Matthew Boulton (1728-1809), Pear Stairs wants to make a difference when it comes to moving forward.

Curved Staircases in your Birmingham home

Recently we have taken a step forward in the world of staircases by using our very talented workforce of designers and craftsmen, and applying the best technology available to provide affordable curved staircases. Take a look at the article available which provides more information on curved staircases .

As we know, Birmingham has its unique and futuristic architectural buildings such as the Bull Ring shopping centre and the Selfridges building located within the Bull Ring. If the people of Birmingham want their very own stylish and unique design within their home then Pear Stairs can help provide the perfect stairway.

Design your own Birmingham Staircases with our StairCreator tool

Pear Stairs has produced an interactive staircase designer on their website, so you can create your dream staircase step by step. The program allows you to picture the design you want in 3D, and it is absolutely free.

Once you are happy and have completed your design, Pear Stairs offers a zero-commitment quote in a matter of seconds.

We do not just give you the freedom of designing your own stairway but the freedom to choose the type, parts, materials and even mix parts and materials to help fulfil your design.

When it comes to designing your staircase, if you are not completely sure exactly what you want, then you can talk to one of our designers to discuss any questions you may have.

Online Gallery of Birmingham Staircases for happy customers

Alternatively, visit our online gallery to give you some help or ideas before designing your own stairway. The staircase case studies gallery page provides a range of staircases that have been fitted and then photographed by our satisfied customers.

Pear Stairs wants to give the people of Birmingham freedom and the chance to express their creativity when it comes to choosing and designing a dream staircase, so get in touch now.