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Berkshire Stairs

Is your Berkshire home missing an elegant staircase, or does your old existing staircase need to be replaced? If this is the case, our experts at Pear Stairs have got you covered.

Pear Stairs is one of the key suppliers of unique, sustainable and affordable staircases. We can provide the people of Berkshire with a wide range of stair parts including spindles, treads, stringers and much more through our online store.

Pear Stairs is an innovative company that has been working with the best designers, craftsmen and technology available to produce high quality and affordable stairs, staircases and stair parts to suit every Berkshire customer’s needs.

Curved Staircases in Berkshire are available from Pear Stairs

Pear Stairs has recently become a manufacturer and supplier of the most affordable and high quality curved staircases in the UK. The technology we have developed has given our workforce a massive step beyond our competitors.

Berkshire is home to the world famous Windsor Castle which was built in the 11th Century. Windsor Castle is known for its long connection with the British Royal Family, and of course its architecture.

Windsor Castle features a mix of Victorian, Georgian and Gothic architectural designs that have been developed over many years, providing each room of the castle with a unique and luxurious style that is fit for a king or queen.

Berkshire Stairs

Design your own Berkshire Staircase with our StairCreator

Berkshire Stairs

So why not liven up your Berkshire home and add a unique and luxurious design of your own? Located on the Pear Stairs website is an interactive program where you can create your dream stairway in 3D.

The program gives customers the freedom to choose the type, parts and materials to help produce a design they are proud of. We will then offer a zero-commitment quote in a matter of seconds, once you are satisfied with your final design.

Our website can help inspire your design with pages such as the case studies gallery, or alternatively you can speak to one of our designers to discuss any questions you may have.

At Pear Stairs we aim to provide the people of Berkshire with high quality products and customer service. So don’t hesitate, visit our website or call us now to design that staircase you have always wanted.