Staircase Health

Pear Stairs Say: Burn more calories by climbing stairs one at a time.

It's recently come to light in press reports that taking stairs one at a time could actually be a really good way to burn extra calories. Expert staircase designers and manufacturers Pear Stairs are keen to encourage people to see their staircases as contributors to their health as well as practical features in the home.

The popular belief is that by taking stairs more than one at a time it is possible to burn more calories but the latest studies suggest that the opposite effect is achieved. Researchers a the University of Roehampton have discovered that the amount of energy is takes to climb a staircase by taking each step one after the other totals more than the amount of energy it takes to leap up the stairs.

It may take a greater burst of energy to approach the staircase with a leap, but in terms of burning calories taking your time is apparently better for you. This is good news for people who are compelled to use staircases regularly at work or at home and who don't relish the idea of approach every climb at pace.

The team at Pear Stairs specialises in making staircases that contribute a huge amount in terms of style to domestic surroundings, but the health benefits of using the stairs in something that homeowners mustn't ignore. Staircases represent one of those rare occurrences when an aesthetically pleasing feature also offers something positive to its users in the way of wellbeing.

Naturally, the Pear Stairs team is encouraging people to use the stairs whenever they can, not just as a mens of getting the most out of a lovely feature of their homes, but also as a means of burning more calories and staying more active in an everyday capacity.

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University of Roehampton