Nosings Regulations

There are two types of staircase nosings - flush nosings and overlapping nosings.  The differences are explained below:

A Section through a staircase (Nosings Regulations)

Flush Nosings

Staircase Building Regulations are covered by further regulations Parts M1 and M2.

Flush Nosing.

From this, building inspectors are now asking for flush nosings in buildings containing flats, (i.e. public stairs where there are no lifts). The objective should be to make reasonable provision for disabled people to visit occupants who live on any storey. Flush nosings should be used on public stairs when a passenger lift is not provided.,This is to eliminate the trip hazard found with standard nosings that overhang the risers.

Pear Stairs have been making more of these this year.

Overlapping Nosings

In a private dwelling, regualtions require a nosing overlap of at least 16mm.


Without a 16mm overhang it would make the overall going on the staircase very long to accomodate at least a 220mm tread.

3D Staircase Creator

The most important dimension you need to provide to Pear Stairs, prior to designing your staircase, is the finished floor to finished floor measurement. We will then provide you with all the drawings you need once you have agreed to purchase your new staircase from us. Pear Stairs will check your stair and staircase against current Scotish building regulations to ensure compliance. You must make us aware that your stairs need to comply to the Scottish building code.

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To assist you with your design ideas and budget calculation, why not use our simple step-by-step 3D Stair Creator tool? Our team of designers will provide accurate drawings, costings and advice, ensuring that your stairs are compliant to relevant regulations upon receipt of your concept design.

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