Fitting MDF Treads

When a staircase arrives from Pear Stairs, the winder on a staircase has been disassembled. 

The straight legs of our staircase remain assembled. 

This will allow you to manoeuvre the staircase through the front door to its correct position. 

the winder has been disassembled

If you have ordered MDF treads for the winder box then you must NOT use standard wood screws. 

Using normal screws designed for Hard or Softwood can cause the MDF to bulge and eventually split.

For MDF treads and risers, a slightly different approach is needed. 

No pre-drilled holes are needed for MDF, as it is recommended to use special MDF screws. 

These have the added benefit of not splitting the MDF board, as can occur when drilling pilot holes or using unsuitable screws. 

The secret of the MDF screw lies in its structure; a serrated thread means it cuts cleanly through the board without bulging or splitting the wood:

the secret of the mdf screw lies in its structure
fitting mdf treads

Pear stairs sell a number of products to finish your staircase. 

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