Berkshire Spindles, Banisters and Balustrades from Pear Stairs

Berkshire Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

Berkshire is one of the oldest counties in England and has a rich history of traditional values, royal households and, of course, Windsor Castle. At Pear Stairs we have been perfecting our stair design for over a hundred years and our craftsmanship is second to none. So, whether you need balustrades or banisters, wooden spindles or metal spindles, or any other stair part, or would just like some friendly, free and impartial advice contact us and we can offer you our expertise.

Bedfordshire Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

Staircases are our passion, but we also stock hundreds of stair parts in all manner of designs and materials to suit any budget. Simply visit our online stair parts shop, or browse through our balustrades in our staircase studies, which are brimming full of pictures from thousands of satisfied customers.

Berkshire Balustrades, Spindles & Banisters

We pride ourselves on our top-flight customer service, so whether you need a banister for your Berkshire barn conversion, or a spindle for your stately home, Pear Stairs has everything just a few clicks away, and our delivery service will drop off to your Berkshire door.

Berkshire has been host to many famous battles over the years, but your staircase struggles needn’t be something to get up-in-arms about! Our online 3D design studio software allows anyone to create their perfect staircase from top to bottom. You can choose every aspect of your Berkshire staircase, including all the individual stair parts – everything from glass steps to metal spindles.

Windsor Castle stands at the heart of Berkshire and has over one thousand rooms! Most of us have to make do with slightly smaller digs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a touch of opulence in your own house. At Pear Stairs, we understand that a staircase stands at the heart of your home, and can be as functional as it is beautiful. So, if you are installing a new flight of stairs, or simply making some home improvements, check out our collection of balustrades, banisters, spindles and stair parts to spruce up your Berkshire stairway and make your home a castle.