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Truro, the only city in Cornwall, is renowned for its Georgian architecture and elegant staircases. Georgian stairways can be identified by their turned spindles and carved newel posts. The people of Truro have staircases which fit into the beautiful architecture of the city; a great example of this are the stairs within the mansion house which is believed to have been carved by prisoners during the Seven Years War. Pear Stairs can help you to achieve a Georgian set of stairs, all you need is a set of Georgian spindles and a fluted Georgian newel, which would make any Truro house suit the grandeur of its surroundings.

Cornwall has been called 'the most haunted county in the United Kingdom', which means it even has a ghost story involving Cornwall and staircases! Pendennis Castle, near Falmouth, is known for the death of a kitchen maid who fell down the kitchen stairs whilst carrying a tray of food. Ever since, there have been many reported cases of people hearing someone walking up and down the now redundant set of Cornwall stairs.

Cornwall Stairs

Space Saving Stairs for your Cornwall Cottage

 Cornwall Stairs The beautiful beaches of Cornwall, as well as the warm and sunny weather, attract over five million people each year. This has led to an increase in people from outside of Cornwall buying the small fishermen’s cottages to create a second home. The small size of the cottages has led to a need for space-saving stairways. The technology Pear Stairs has allows them to create a space-saver staircase with alternate handed steps with part of the tread cut away, much smaller than a regular set of stairs. Using space saving stairs in a small Cornwall cottage allows you to have more floor space, leaving more room for your surfboard! Pear Stairs has a set of space-saver stairs which are available with a rope handrail, fitting in well with the classic fisherman’s feel seen throughout the county.

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So whichever dwelling you reside in, either a small Cornwall fisherman’s cottage, or a Georgian building in Truro, Pear Stairs can make you a beautiful quality staircase. Please contact our friendly team who will be able to help if you have any questions or queries.