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Wiltshire Stairs

Wiltshire is noted for its stately homes and has an above-average number of spectacular historic staircases. However, if you’re looking for a spectacular new staircase for your Wiltshire home, office, or other building, Pear Stairs has the answer, with an unrivalled range at the best prices in the UK.

Your ambitions for a staircase in your Wiltshire home will most likely be more modest compared with, say, the grand staircase at Wiltshire’s Longleat House, seat of Lord Bath.

But if you’re considering having new stairs installed, or need a staircase as part of a new-build or restoration project, it makes so much sense to fit the best you can afford.

Beautiful Staircases in Wiltshire from Pear Stairs

A beautiful staircase from Pear Stairs that perfectly complements your property will add both 'wow' factor and extra value. For additional impact in the right location, we can even provide beautifully curved staircases in Wiltshire.

We can also make carvings of individual parts such as newel posts, using CNC (computer numerical control) technology, to make your stairs truly unique.

Use our website to look at Wiltshire staircase customers or to design your own Wiltshire Stairs with StairCreator

Wiltshire Stairs

The Pear Stairs website is a great starting point for your staircase project. Why not take a look at the case studies and in particular the photos taken by our many delighted customers, have a go at designing and pricing your own staircase, then submit the details or contact us via email or phone for further guidance?

Irrespective of where you live, our friendly staff can guide you every step of the way through your stairs project. The letters and messages we receive from satisfied customers confirm repeatedly our excellent communication skills, the friendliness of our team, our willingness to go the extra mile and our on-time deliveries.

Pear Stairs is one of the UK’s finest and most experienced stairs manufacturers, with a host of satisfied customers and testimonials from throughout the country praising our skills, care and close attention to detail.

To take care of all the details that add up to a striking staircase, Pear Stairs offers the complete service. We make stairs to your exact requirements with loving care, in our own workshops, and offer the best value – in Wiltshire or elsewhere in the UK – for any staircase, traditional or modern, large or small.

We are also highly competitive on price – in fact, we are sure you won’t find a better deal for a given staircase.

As far as shapes and designs are concerned, we can provide any type of staircase to fit any location.

Why not find out from us today what your dream staircase would cost? You’ll be surprised at the value, service and outstanding end product you get for your investment.

While stairs like the ones in Wiltshire’s stately homes may be out of most people’s reach, a beautiful staircase from Pear Stairs, designed to perfectly complement the style of your home, most likely isn’t.