Stairs and Staircases in Bournemouth & Dorset

The county of Dorset is an area of outstanding natural beauty with a range of unique housing styles, from the chocolate box cottages in the countryside, to the Victorian town houses, with their traditional staircases, in Bournemouth.

Dorset Stairs

Cottage stairs in Dorset

The rural chocolate box cottages in Dorset are quintessentially British with thatched roofs and small rooms. This style of Dorset cottage usually has a small winding staircase connecting the two floors. Pear Stairs can create either single or double winder staircases which perfectly suit the style of the old cottages by fitting into the narrow spaces available. Pear Stairs technology has even allowed them to create a 90° turn using three wooden winders together. Winders can also be produced in measurements custom to your requirements.

Bournemouth Victorian Staircases from Pear Stairs

Bournemouth, in Dorset, is a classic Victorian spa town with rows of Victorian town houses and hotels. Bournemouth has many Victorian staircases with carved balusters and spindles, such as an Imperial spindle. Pear Stairs manufactures beautiful Imperial spindles which would be particularly suited to the hotels along the Bournemouth promenade, as they are thicker than other balustrades creating a more imposing set of stairs, which will fit perfectly into the grand surroundings. Pear Stairs can also provide metal rods for holding the carpet onto a set of stairs which provides a traditional and cosy effect, a trait which the Victorian town house is known for.

Dorset Stairs
Dorset Stairs

Staircases for your luxury home in Sandbanks

Bournemouth is not the only town of note in Dorset - Sandbanks is an area with unique luxury homes. Many of these luxury homes would not be complete without a luxury set of stairs, which Pear Stairs is known for. These Sandbanks staircases are made up of modern wood and glass to allow the maximum amount of light into the building. Pear Stairs creates staircases using 10 to 18mm toughened glass, making them perfect for a family home.

The staircases Pear Stairs provides suit all aspects of the varied county of Dorset, from the classical Victorian wooden staircase in Bournemouth, to an ultra-modern set of stairs in Sandbanks.