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At Pear Stairs you have complete control over your staircase design. From the dimensions, to the materials and finishes. Though we pride ourselves on giving our customers as many choices as possible, we also understand that it can be daunting to approach the creation of your own staircase. To help narrow down your preferred options, here are some popular designs that Pear Stairs can help create.

Staircase Examples and Ideas

oak staircase, wooden staircase, metal staircase

Wooden Staircase With Metal Spindles

Perhaps you’d prefer a staircase design that enhances the simple décor that you have throughout your home? Here at Pear Stairs, we have produced timber staircases to fit perfectly within properties of various sizes and styles; we make sure that you find a staircase design that blends seamlessly with any themes or styles that you already have.

The combination of a traditional wooden staircase with metal parts creates a simple yet powerful finish. Metal spindles are available in a variety of shapes and designs. We particularly like the black finish as it is subtle and compliments dark timbers with warm colours and interesting grains.

The great thing about timber stairs is that they look great with both a minimalist approach or a decorative one. A selection of different timbers are available at Pear Stairs, though if you are looking for a reliable attractive option, it is hard to go wrong with white oak.

For those who are firm believers that less is more, we have just the staircase design for you! We put together Case Studies to stimulate your design ideas, ensuring that you create the perfect look in your hallway. This oak single winder staircase in East Sussex has a sinple yet effctive design that compliments the timber beam interior of the room.

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curved staircase, wooden staircase, pear stairs

Curved Staircase

Add the wow factor to your home! A curved staircase is another staircase design that is ideal for contemporary and traditional properties. Instead of negotiating steep stairs, why not replace them with a fun, intriguing curved staircase?

We recommend curved staircases for homes that have ample space to build them and they are ideal for grand hallways. The curved staircase design provide a graceful descent that reflects highly on your personal style and taste requirements.

In choosing a curved or spiral staircase, old meets new. Our curved staircases can make a modern statement, regardless of whether your property is traditional or contemporary. Make sure that you select a staircase that complements your interior décor effortlessly.

This beautiful staircase we created for a renovated home in the west midlands brings a classical touch to an otherwise bright and contemporary space. The contract between the warm colours of the wood and light decor create an impactful aesthetic.

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Glass staircase, staircase design, online staircase

Glass Staircases

Here at Pear Stairs, we aim to create the staircase that meets your stylish needs, so if you’re looking for somewhere that can help realise your desires, you have come to the righ place.

For a clean and contemporary design, you cannot really go wrong incorpoarting glass into your staircase. Glass opens up options for minimalist designs that allow natural light to flow around a space. With more natural light, a space will feel brighter and much larger.

Glass balustrades are designed to be delicate, making your home more sophisticated. Unwrapping your staircase, the glass balustrade can deliver a sense of intrigue, combining modern aspects with traditional elements. Choosing glass parts for a staircase will make it a focal point in your home - providing a clean finish that encourages natural light.

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More Staircase Designs

Many more stairs are featured in our Case Studies pages. Just visit our Case Study Pages for a whole host of examples, photographs and design drawings, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

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