Staircase Spindles

Spindles are supplied in a range of patterns to suit different tastes and styles and are designed to match newels. Most patterns come in two lengths, 900mm & 1100mm and two sizes, 35mm2 & 41mm2.

Calculating The Number of Spindles

Allow 2 spindles per tread, and 1 per tread where there is a newel. On a landing, measure the horizontal distance between newels in mm (max recommended run between newels is 2.4m) and divide by: 115 for 35mm spindles and 121 for 41mm spindles.

Square Staircase Spindle

Stop Ovolo Staircase Spindle

Stop Chamfered  Staircase Spindle

Georgian Staircase Spindle

Georgian Fluted Staircase Handrail

Tradtional Staircase Spindle

Oxford Staircase Spindle

Fluted Oxford large

Colonial Staircase Spindle

colonial fluted staircase spindle

Provincial Staircase Spindle

Twist staircase spindle

Reducing Spindles

These are used where the stair meets the ceiling under a landing and can be made to measure in any pattern. Each successive spindle is usually 100mm shorter than the last.