Stair Parts Bedfordshire

The 1930’s rhyme “up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire” has forever linked Bedfordshire to stair parts. The ancient architecture of this region, dating back to the Saxons, means that the stair parts for this county are made to fit into a traditional style, something Pear Stairs can cater to perfectly.

Georgian Stair Parts for Bedfordshire

Many of the houses of Bedfordshire, within the market towns of Bedford and Luton, are traditional Georgian townhouses. Pear Stairs stocks a vast range of stair parts and creates beautiful finials to place on the top of a newel post at the end of a grand Georgian staircase. The Pear Stairs imports hand-carved finials of different shapes and sizes, including the shape of a pineapple, shown right. The Georgians used the shape of a pineapple on the end of their stairways as a sign of hospitality, making this a perfect stair part for a Bedfordshire home.

Bedfordshire Stair Parts

Stair Parts for Bedfordshire Barn Conversions

Bedfordshire Stair Parts

Pear Stairs have a lot of previous experience with creating stair parts for barn conversions in Bedfordshire, a housing style popular in Bedfordshire. Barn conversions allow you to incorporate a whole array of new stair parts, for example open risers. Pear Stairs creates staircases with open risers which allow extra light to an open plan building by allowing an air gap in between the treads on a staircase.

Within the grand Bedfordshire estates, such as Turvey Abbey and Moggerhanger house, you will find feature stair parts like bullnose and D-end steps. Bullnose and D-end steps are large, rounded steps at the base of a staircase. Pear Stairs takes inspiration from these traditional buildings to create our own feature stair parts, with the help of our cutting edge technology. The D-end steps produced by Pear Stairs add a decorative feature to any staircase, bringing the atmosphere of these Bedfordshire stately homes into your own.

Bedfordshire Stair Parts

Pear Stairs produces stair parts to fit into any traditional style of building within a Bedfordshire home, be it a Georgian townhouse or a barn conversion. To take a look at the range of Bedfordshire stair parts that we currently have available, please take a look at our on-line shop .