Make your own Staircase

Whether you are repairing or making your own staircase, we have everything you need from Treads, Risers, Strings, Apron Linings, Nosings, Covermoulds and Wedges all available in a selection of softwood and hardwood.

The customer: Mrs Porteus from Nuneaton said, “Very happy with the service,  the product looks great.  I would use you again if we needed stair parts”

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  1. Staircase String
    Price From: £11.08

    32 x 244mm

    Available in 2.4, 3.6 and 4.2 metre lengths

    SKU: S32244

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  2. Staircase Tread
    Price From: £3.60

    21 x 268mm x 1.0m

    SKU:  T212681

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  3. Standard Staircase Riser
    Price From: £3.35

    18 x 230mm

    Available in metre lengths only.

    Please note: Not suitable for Winder Treads.

    SKU:  0183301

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  4. Staircase Apron Lining
    Price From: £4.51

    18 x 250mm

    Available 1.5 and 3.0 metre lengths.

    SKU:  AL18250

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  5. Staircase Nosing
    Price From: £2.91

    21 x 120mm

    Available in 1.5 and 3.0m lengths.

    SKU:  N21120

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  6. Covermould
    Price From: £2.51

    32mm x 22mm

    Available in 1.5m and 3.0m lengths

    SKU:  C222

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  7. Standard Winder Wedge
    Price From: £0.60

    Winder wedge


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  8. Standard Wedge for Riser
    Price From: £0.50

    Wedge for riser


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  9. Standard Wedge for Tread
    Price From: £0.50

    Wedge for tread


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  10. Glue Block
    Price From: £0.22

    Glue block
    100 x 55 x 40mm

    SKU:  JWGB

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10 Item(s)