We sell selection of ornamental hand-carved finials that are designed to finish newel posts used on stair and landing balustrade. These finials are hand-carved out of limewood so they can be stained to match various types of timbers and match your stairs perfectly. Our stylish range of pineapple finials, produced in small and medium sizes will suit a range of different styles and sizes of newel post and staircase. We also have a larger, extended design, for a really grand finish to a newel post. These finials will give a highly decorative finish to newel posts, and add some classical character to any balustrade or banister. The pineapple became a symbol of style and sophistication during the 16th Century, after being introduced to England in 1493. The novel shape of the pineapple made them a popular, if exclusive and expensive, fruit and that then started being represented in art and architecture.

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