Turn Up The Style With Turns In Your Staircase

staircase turns, winders, pear stairs

A straight staircase may be the most common staircase, but it is not always the most practical. With turns and winders, a staircase can be shaped to suit a building and maximise the efficiency of space.
With Pear Stairs you can create a z-shaped, t-shaped or corner staircase that utilises landings and winders to functionally follow the contours of the building.


Staircase winders, pear stairs, staircase design online

A winder is a radiating step that is narrow on the inside of the corner and expands to the edge; winders allow stairs to turn 90° or 180°.
Winders make more efficient use of space than a quarter or half landing as the entire staircase requires a smaller footprint.
Smart winder placement allows you to create a corner, Z-shaped or T-shaped staircase that serves its purpose while taking up as
little space as possible in your home or business.

Customising With T-Shaped & Z-Shaped Stairs

t shaped staircase, z shaped staircase, pear stairs

Z-shaped stairs are a specialised staircase design that is ocassionally required in order to fit around awkward architecture. 
A Z-shaped staircase incorporates two parallel 90° turns, creating a shape similar to that of the letter ‘Z’ if seen from above.
As Pear Stairs allows full control over the design of your staircase, you can have a bespoke z-shaped staircase crafted for your unique project; all at a great price.

The T-shaped staircase is a branching design that allows two flights to branch from a single landing.
A T-shaped staircase is ideal for buildings with complex upper floor layouts and reduces the amount of landing space required on the floor being reached.
The key benefit of T shaped stairs is that they grant access to multiple landings from one point of entry; a great option when you have large upstairs floor plans and wish to reduce the footprint of your stairs on the lower floor.
To start designing your own stairs right now, have a go with the Staircreator online tool, or visit the Pear Stairs store and order the parts you want straight to your door.