Wall Mounted Handrails; Find Your Design

A luxurious continuous handrail is a thing of beauty but it is not always the most practical option. In fact, most home staircases simply do not have the space for one. The truth is wall mounted handrails are often the only viable option, yet this does not mean you cannot have a desirable handrail. When it comes to wall mounted handrails there are three main options; a mopstick handrail, a pigs ear handrail, or a standard handrail mounted on brackets. Each has its pros and cons though all are functional options.

Mopstick Handrail

fusion mopstick handrail kits

This is the handrail that most are familiar with because it is affordable, functional and easily installed. These are the handrail of choice for when regulations must be complied with but you are low on budget.
At Pear Stairs, an array of stylish kits are available with everything you need. The store also supplies a range of brackets, end caps and railings for you to mix and match if you so wish.

Pigs Ear Handrail

pigs ear handrails, pear stairs handrails

The pigs ear handrail is best for those who want an uncomplicated design. A pigs ear handrail is mounted directly onto the wall, forgoing the need for brackets and providing a simpler and cleaner aesthetic.
Pigs ear handrails are available in a variety of timbers, including oak and pine; they are also available with a white prime finish.

Standard Handrail

handrails at Pear Stairs

If you are looking for something more substantial to hold on to, you may prefer to have a standard handrail mounted on your wall. An array of different handrail profiles are available to choose from along with a selection of brackets for mounting them.
Both low profile and standard handrail profiles are available. 
When deciding on a handrail it is also important to note the legal restrictions. British staircase regulations stipulate that a staircase narrower than 1 metre must have at least one handrail, any wider and 2 handrails are required. This often leads to situations where a staircase is sandwiched between walls or is wide with a wall on one side. In these situations a wall mounted handrail is not only the practical option, it is compulsory.

To start designing your very own staircase, try the free online Staircreator or call the Pear Stairs Design Team on 01938 553311.