If you are planning to replace or refurbish stairs in a dark, narrow hallway or other cramped space, it makes sense to choose a design that will make your home feel lighter and brighter.

Glass balustrades are excellent for dark rooms as they encourage the flow of light and create a feeling of space. Combine glazed panels with wooden banisters for a modern twist on a classic look, or go all-out for contemporary chic by pairing glass with metal handrails and baserails. You can also add glass risers for extra sparkle.

Open treads are another way to increase light distribution. They are particularly recommended if your staircase rises from a living or dining room rather than a reception hall, as they will not dominate the space as much as stairs with solid steps.

A winder flight of stairs, that is to say, a staircase that twists back on itself as it winds its way upwards, is a great space-saver as it takes up less floor area than a straight flight. Much will depend on the layout of your home, but it could well be an option in a new-build property.

White paint can work wonders on tired or new staircases alike. Its reflective properties make it a great way to brighten up your hallway without breaking the bank, and you can choose whether to decorate just the spindles, the handrail and newels, the treads, or the whole lot.

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