Pear Stairs are leading manufacturers of quality stairs and stair parts, ensuring that your needs and requirements are met specifically!

Why not make your stairs the centrepiece of your home? Using tongue and groove boards will allow you to put your personal stamp on your property, making it feel homely.

Here are just a few suggestions for how you can use tongue and groove board to enhance the overall appearance of your home:

Finishing touches

Who would have thought that a tongue and groove board could provide your home with the missing finishing touches!

The boards sit on top of landing joists and contribute greatly to the overall appearance of the stairs. They can be installed to a quarter of the landing or half of the landing, no matter where it’s installed, it’s bound to offer a professional finish to your home.

And with the use of hidden nails, you needn’t worry about the tongue and groove board fitting seamlessly.

Add sophistication

Stairs in the home are used countless times a day, so it’s no surprise you’re looking to update them! When renovating your property, you have the opportunity to come up with something outside of the box.

Stairs are often the focal point of many properties, as they are likely the first aspect of your home that your guests will notice when they first walk through the door! Keeping this in mind, make sure you add the WOW factor to your stairs, and you can easily do so by choosing a tongue and groove board  from Pear Stairs, adding grandeur and style to your staircase.

Eliminating creaks

Surprisingly enough, the tongue and groove board isn’t just used for its presentational value! If you’re sick and tired of the floorboards squeaking on your landing or as you climb up or down the stairs, this is a clear indication that it’s time for an upgrade!

There’s no better excuse than squeaking floorboards to replace your existing stair parts with a tongue and groove board. Pear Stairs tongue and groove board will allow you to achieve a wooden finish with no creaking.

When it comes to installing a tongue and groove board, it’s relatively easy to do so, however, if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask one of the Pear Stairs professionals! Simply call them today on 01938 553311!