The staircase is one of the home's main architectural features and can often be a major focal point as friends and family enter your property, so ensuring it is stylish and ties into the decor of your home is essential. However, before you update your staircase there are several things you need to consider, and it’s not all necessarily about the stairs themselves!  

Choosing a suitable surround colour

The space in which your staircase sits helps to create the atmosphere, so selecting a suitable colour for the surrounding walls can enhance your staircase and create a welcoming atmosphere. Your choice of wall colour needs to complement that of your stairs, with light pine stairs suiting those lighter colours from white, to light blues and yellows, while a darker oak staircase will feel more at home in a richer burgundy, orange or even slightly more outlandish royal blues and purples. Matching the colour of your stairs with its surrounding area is key to giving the pace a warmer, welcoming feel.     

Improving the lighting

Just as you need to ensure the colour of the walls and surrounding features of your stairs create a welcoming atmosphere, so do you need to look to your lighting. Depending on the size of your space, you can enhance the grandeur of your stairs with rich detailed light fixtures ranging from regal chandeliers to modern space age style fittings which draw your visitors' gaze straight up your staircase and to its fitting on the ceiling. But in smaller and what can often feel like darker and cramped staircases, the subtle use of lighting can open up the space and provide your stairs with that welcoming atmosphere. This can be done by gentle wall side lights or the use of LED lighting on the under edge of risers, or along the handrail and banister of your stairs, all helping to softly open up the space.     

Oak staircase in imposing barn conversion

New stairs with modern metal spindles

Selecting the right handgrip

Your staircase’s handrail is an often overlooked and yet key component when updating and enhancing the design of your stairs. The handrail of your stairs plays both a pivotal practical and architectural role, needing to be strong and supportive for use by you and visitors to your home, while also required to look and feel welcoming. It is one of those components that is engaged with via two senses, both sight and touch, and so finding the right material and ensuring you keep your handrail in good condition is essential when updating your stairs. 

Here at Pear Stairs, we pride ourselves in providing high quality stair parts to help you update and enhance your home, and though the above all need to be considered when updating your staircase, you first need to choose and design your ideal staircase. To find out more about our stairs, feel free to get in touch with one of the experts here at Pear Stairs on 01938 553311.

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