Challenge the Norm With Your Pear Stairs Staircase Design

When creating a staircase there are generally a number of features that must be included and steps that must be taken (steps must also be included of course), though there are designs that challenge preconceived ideas of what goes into a staircase, such as this design with a fascinating banister that forgoes the need for a base rail.

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Staircase Design With An Ethos

The staircase itself has an overall minimalist aesthetic that combines timber with modern features for its own signature style. The handrail sits on top of the newel posts without any newel caps, providing an angular yet appealing decluttered look. This design style can also be observed in the stringer and balustrade. Most staircases would have a base rail in to which the spindles/balusters or bannister panels would be fitted. In this case, the glass panels have been slotted directly into grooves on top of the stringer. Not only does this negate the need for a base rail, it allows the stringer to sit flush against the newel in the same manner as the handrail.

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Mixing Materials For A Modern Look

In terms of materials this staircase combines oak, glass and steel components for a variety of harmonious textures. Steel tubes give the design more physical presence, while the open risers allow light to fill the space under the stairs. The Staircase features a quarter landing near the bottom that makes efficient use of the space. The steps end with a bullnose feature step that has been squared off to match the angular aesthetic of the design.

Pleased with how the design combines the familiar texture of wood with contemporary techniques, the end client said: “This style works well for us and is a reasonable budget, combining a traditional feel with contemporary looks.”

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