A Bright & Spacious Staircase Design

Contemporary homes and modern interior design ideas often revolve around light and maximising the appearance and utility of space. A well-designed staircase may contribute to this ethos with a few simple yet impactful design features. This single-winder staircase, manufactured by Pear Stairs for a Ketton home, does just that.

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Glass Staircase Parts Invite Natural Light

The first impactful choice the client made was to include semi-open glass risers. The clear risers allow natural light to flow through the space and prevent any dark or shadowy areas forming. This keeps the area under the stairs bright and useful for day-to-day use as a living space. Glass panelling has also been used in the balustrading, not only does this contribute to the light nature of the project, but it also lets you appreciate the simple aesthetic pleasure of the timber. European oak has a warm colour and beautiful grain that has been brought out here with the use of uncomplicated square newels, square handrails and glass balustrading.

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Customise Your Staircase

Another neat inclusion in this staircase are LED lights set into the stringer. The stringer, or string, is the part on the edge of the staircase that holds it all together. The lights not only keep things bright and welcoming; they also make it a safer staircase to traverse, a practical feature for a family home. In terms of storage, the client has added a small storage cabinet underneath the winder. This is a smart choice because this area could have been wasted as a void area. Now it is a practical little compartment that is not so large that it intrudes into the room but instead sits back as a bonus storage space.

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This staircase has been made with glass, steel and European oak stair parts. Combining multiple different materials is another modern trend that Pear Stairs caters for not only by supplying complete bespoke staircases, but also through the stair parts store. This online store is loaded with stair parts from top suppliers, like Richard Burbidge all at a great price.

To start designing your very own staircase, try out the online Staircreator or get in touch with the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311.