Fusion Staircase Parts;
Convenient & Stylish Modern Staircase Design

Whether you are approaching a staircase refurbishment or a new build, the Fusion collection should be one of your first stops when creating a modern staircase.
With a blend of smooth metallic surfaces, minimalist glass panels and the warm familiarity of timber, the Richard Burbidge Fusion range represents the ultimate contemporary mix of stylish and functional stair parts.

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Luxurious Yet Affordable Contemporary Handrails

The versatility of the Richard Burbidge Fusion range means that these parts can be used for almost any job. A prime example of this are the wall-mounted handrail kits.
A variety of handrail kits are available and not only are they easy to fit but they also provide a sleek modern staircase handrail at a great price.

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Easily Installed Staircase Parts With An Elegant Finish

The unique metal connector system and the prefinished wooden staircase parts means that designing and building a modern staircase with Fusion parts is a straightforward and simplified process that provides a premium finish.
The Fusion range has been given an appealing contemporary style that suits most modern homes. Metal parts in the range are available with a choice of either a chrome or brushed nickel finish for a touch of colour.
Fusion staircase parts are also easy to maintain. The wooden staircase parts in the range have been given a durable finish, so just like the metal and glass components, they can easily be wiped clean.

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Mix And Match For Your Own Custom Staircase Design

In terms of spindles, the Fusion range offers two main design options. The plated steel tube MK1 is the more affordable option, coming with a plastic bracket. The Mk1 is only available with a chrome finish.
The MK2 spindles are the premium option as they come with an adjustable alloy bracket, they are also available with a brushed nickel finish instead of just chrome.
Thanks to the adjustable mounts, these spindles are compatible with both cut and closed stronger staircases.

For more on the Fusion range, modern staircase designs and the vast range of contemporary staircase parts available, visit the Pear Stairs online store.