Among our new products this spring is an innovative double-sized newel cap by Richard Burbidge. Introduced with the aim of speeding up the fitting process, it is available in both flat and pyramid profiles. The idea behind this design is simple but effective. When two newel posts are situated next to each other (for example, where stairs make a 180° turn), you normally have to attach a separate newel cap to each one. If you have a double cap, however, you can fit it quickly and easily over both newel posts in one go, halving the installation time.

Manufactured from premium American white oak, the cap is designed to match the corresponding single newel caps from the Richard Burbidge range and has been produced to their usual high standards. The double cap is supplied unfinished, ready for your choice of paint, wood stain or varnish. Fully strength tested and suitable for both domestic and commercial use, this new product represents a great way to achieve impressive results with the minimum of effort. 

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