Bespoke Splayed Staircases; Design Yours With Pear Stairs

There are two main types of curved staircase, the traditional "C" shaped option and the Splayed design. This particular splayed staircase has recently been finished up in the Pear Stairs factory and really showcases how powerful a splayed staircase can look. The gentle curve of each string creates the illusion of greater depth, leading up from a grand feature D-End step to the smaller top treads, each with decorative nosing.

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One Splayed String, Or Two?

A splayed staircase may have one or both strings curving outward, in this example it is both. A staircase with one splayed string is best suited for when the stairs have a wall on one side while dual splayed strings are the best choice for a large hallway or atrium where the stairs have a central position. While this style of splayed stairs is a little more understated than fully curved stairs, the elegance of the splayed staircase still creates a wonderful impression, making a powerful design statement. Its individuality will set your stairway and your home apart.     

splayed staircase string, curved staircase string, pear stairs staircase

Choose Your Splayed Staircase Features

A Pear Stairs custom-made curved staircase is the height of sophistication. Carefully designed and beautifully crafted from the material of your choosing, such as traditional oak, it will enhance any hallway. Along with the structural design of the staircase it is important to choose the best complementing features for your staircase. A continuous handrail with swirling volutes at the end is the best handrail that could accompany a dual splayed staircase as the flowing curve of the timber mirrors the gentle shaping of the curved strings. As for the spindles and newel posts, that will need to be a personal decision. Pear Stairs boasts a vast collection of spindles and newel posts in a variety of materials and designs so whatever your preference is, you will be catered for.

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Design Your Splayed Staircase Today

Each Pear Stairs staircase is unique and tailor-made to precisely accommodate the customer's needs. This unpredictability means that the design team are accustomed to adapting, providing a versatile range of design options to meet the precise requirements of each client. To see what’s possible or start designing your own splayed staircase, contact the Pear Stairs team at or by calling 01938 553311.