One of the most dramatic changes you can make is to tear out your tired old staircase and replace it with a design that is bang up to date. Stairs are often presented as a major focal point in a home, and even if this isn’t currently the case in yours, there’s no reason why that can’t change! Our team at Pear Stairs can offer a few suggestions to help you create an exciting new look for this major household feature in 2018.

1. Glass: Minimalism is exceptionally popular currently, and its influence is only expected to grow throughout the coming year. Toughened glass is a hugely popular option for designers who prefer a sleek, sharp, no-frills look, but works just as well in more opulent-looking surroundings. Carved oak newel posts can appear far more splendid when contrasted with subtle, clear panelling.

Another superb bonus of glass within fittings is its way of exaggerating a sense of light and space in a room or hallway. Smart, environmentally friendly design will only continue to increase in popularity, and so the ability to utilise light - whether natural or artificial - to its full extent without consuming too much electricity will always strike a positive chord.

Glass is highly versatile too. Before it is toughened through heat treatment, it can be shaped in numerous different ways to fit your preferences. The excellent adaptability of the material even extends to whereabouts it can be used on a staircase, with the increasingly popular option of using toughened glass risers to give the impression of elegant “floating” treads. Painted glass is also available if you’re interested in something bolder that will add a splash of colour.

2. Steel: Malleable and graceful, mild steel can add a slick touch to the design of your staircase. Smooth, with numerous colour options ranging from pale and reflective to matte and dark, steel handrails and spindles offer the appearance of delicacy while also providing a nod to the industrial, stripped-back trend that has seen the unprecedented rise in popularity of exposed brick. One of the great things about steel is the variety it allows for, with endless turns, shapes and lines achievable.

Glass and oak staircase by Pear Stairs

3. Curves and Spirals: In contrast to the more minimalist developments we’ve mentioned, 2018 also looks to be a promising year for those who have a taste for the grand or out of the ordinary. A boost in popularity for interesting, unusual and classical shaped staircases is predicted throughout the coming year, and the number of curved or spiral designs being installed is expected to increase substantially.

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