Beautiful, fresh surroundings can provide a cheery and inspirational backdrop to your life, helping to keep you motivated while impressing visitors and loved ones. To help you keep your home updated, here are a few staircase trend tips for the coming year.

Metallic Finishes

The sharp, industrial look continues to be a favourite among designers all around the globe, and a simple, attractive way to achieve this at home is through metallic fittings.

As a category, metals are versatile both in use and look; the malleability of the material makes for no end of options when it comes to spindle and newel post design, and the variety of shade and finish - from stainless steel to wrought iron to pewter - can give your staircase anything from a sharp modernist shine to a traditional artisan style. Take a look at the Fusion range and modern metal spindle collection for some inspiration.

Fusion Mark 2 spindles with oak balustrade

Glass Infill

As with metal, the versatility of glass will never go out of fashion. In fact, it could be argued that glass offers an even wider range of options. The benefits of using a material that is at once transparent and extremely durable cannot be overestimated.

Opting for colourless, clear, toughened glass can result in tasteful minimalism as well as heightened impact for the focal points of the staircase, such as sculpted newels or quirky carpets. It also allows natural light to travel more effectively throughout your home. On the other hand, using coloured glass infill can create a bold statement piece that really catches the eye.

Glass stair balustrade by Pear Stairs

Natural Wood 

Wood has been the primary material used for staircase building since time immemorial. Its flexibility and variety results in the possibility of any number of designs, shades and finishes, so it’s no wonder it continues to be so popular.

From rich, dark cherry tones to light, fresh pine, natural wood colours are attractive in themselves - but it’s also extremely easy to adapt them using paints, varnishes or finishes. A further bonus to the use of wood in interior design is the fact that it is economically sustainable and can be sourced from almost any country in the world, which gives it the potential for an extremely low carbon footprint. Speaking of which...

European oak staircase by Pear Stairs


With the majority of the world’s citizens becoming gradually more aware of their impact on the environment, 2018 might just be the year where ecological sustainability really beings to break through to the mainstream. It’s always a good idea to research sustainable sources when choosing materials for a staircase, but with re-forestation initiatives and other earth-friendly design approaches abounding, it’s never been so easy, or stylish, to be green.

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