Gorgeous Black Walnut Stairs; Contemporary Wooden Staircase Inspiration

Walnut is a timber with a deep brown colour and intriguing texture. The grain forms a network of smooth flowing lines with minimal knots for an elegant finish. In this staircase design, the seductive aesthetic of walnut wood has been made the star of the show. The treads, handrail and newel caps are all made from walnut, contrasting beautifully with the minimalist look of the white primed risers, string, and spindles. 

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Top Staircase Lighting Idea

Along with an impactful choice of materials, this staircase features a rather unusual lighting system. Fitting LED lights into the string or treads is not uncommon and with this design, lights have been installed into the treads. The lights not only keep the staircase safely lit, they also illuminate the gorgeous walnut. Where this design is less orthodox is with the feature step lighting. The joiner has managed to install lighting underneath the riser of the bottom step to achieve a glamorous underlit style. The light glowing from under the step frames the design beautifully and gives the hallway a powerful central feature.

inspirational walnut staircase idea

Design Your Staircase for Your Home

The open plan architecture of the property around this staircase complements the cut string design exceptionally well. The nearby arch and expansive hallway space are matched well by the intricate profile of the cut string and nosed treads. 
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