If you are thinking of giving your staircase an upgrade, but you don’t want to rip everything out, one of the simplest ways to have the greatest impact is by replacing a few components - for example, the balustrading.   

  Balustrade for staircases, landing, and balconies with glass panelling or traditional spindles      

The balustrade of your stairs is the part that is comprised of the handrail, base rail, and newel posts, and is the part most often used to give a little decorative flair. So how do you choose a new balustrade that is perfect for the look of your home? The team at Pear Stairs has some suggestions.


Modern or Traditional?    

  Plain white balustrade fro stairs  

Many people like to give the integral fittings of their home a timeless and traditional look. This is an intelligent move if you wish to future proof your house and prevent its decor from appearing dated too quickly, but some people prefer to install something unique that they can change and update as time goes by. 


If you’re the traditional type you'll probably want natural timber stair parts . Oak is always a great material choice as it ages very well and offers a warm, soft colour that complements its surroundings without diminishing their appeal. Pine parts are popular choices when a rustic look is desired due to its naturally knotty appearance, or when working to a tighter budget, and it’s a wood that is really easy to stain and colour.

Balustrade for staircases and landings with rustic pine
Glass used as balustrading on stairs with wooden treads

On the other hand, for something really sharp and more modern looking, you can choose coloured or frosted glass to be used in place of standard spindles, or replace traditional timber spindles with some modern metal spindles with a finished effect of either chrome or brushed nickel from the Fusion range.  

Simple or Decorative? 

There are so many options available when it comes to the way in which your staircase design ties in with the decor of your wider house. If you love patterns and colours and really wish to make an impression, there’s nothing stopping you from having a staircase as opulent as its surroundings. On the other hand, you can choose to use the stairs as a focal point - almost a work of art in itself - by leaving the rest of the space simple and unfussy while opting for a more eye-catching balustrade. 

Oak curved staircase and balustrade
Plain, simple spindles with a simple timber handrail

Another option is to decorate the room itself with bold colours and/or standout design features and cut through it with a really simple, sleek set of stairs with nothing ornamental added. For example, some handrail profiles are simple square shapes, rather than the curved profiles found on more traditional designs.  

Elegantly smithed black mild steel spindles are available in plain, straight designs or featuring a series of decorative flourishes which can be mixed and matched together to create your own unique design. We also have newel posts finishes that range from simple square or pyramid shaped newel caps to beautiful hand-hewn finials that will give your newel posts a lavish and ornamental look. Glass can be used with parts from ranges such as Immix  and Elements , where the modern glass panels are mixed with traditional timber parts

Balustrade with simple black spindles

To look further into any and all of these options, all you need to do is browse our Pear Stairs website, email the team via webenquiries@pearstairs.co.uk or call 01938 553311 for further help and guidance. One of their friendly advisors will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and suggest options for your new staircase.