Richard Burbidge Wall Mounted Handrails are ideal when your stairs are between walls or you can use them as an additional handrail on open stairs.

The handrail is fixed to walls using wall brackets, which should be positioned so they are no more than 1 metre apart. Handrail fittings are used to change direction/pitch of a handrail. These fittings are supplied over long to suit the majority of staircase pitches and will need to be cut down to suit your own specifications. These fittings will suit a standard size 54mm mopstick handrail.

We have up easings, over easings and horizontal turns, all unfinished so you can paint or stain them to match your own tastes. We recommend that you join the rails and fittings together using the serrated dowels provided and PVA Resin W wood glue for additional strength.

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