Stop Ovolo

A selection of large 41mm x 41mm staircase spindles for use in handrails when they run up a staircase. When used on the rake, spindles should be 900mm so the handrail will be the correct height. Spindles support the handrails from the baserail and can be used as a decorative feature for your stairs.

Choose your style of spindles from a large selection of designs, including plain square, Colonial fluted, stop chamfer, stop ovolo, Oxford, Georgian, traditional, twist, and provincial spindles. Match these with your other timber stair parts easily as they can be made from oak, hemlock, pine, yellow southern pine, ash, white primed softwood or sapele.  

Stop ovolo balusters highlight the chamfered design of the baluster, drawing the eye to the texture of the timber and the quality of workmanship. A modern, simplistic look infused with timeless elegance these stop ovolo spindles will create a stunning balustrade. 

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