Landing Materials

We have a choice of landing materials consisting of Tongue & Groove or Sawn Timber available in 1 metre lengths.  The Sawn Timber is also available in two widths, 47 x 100mm and 47 x 150mm.

Alan - Barnstaple 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the help you have given.

Over the past 5 or 6 years that I have been using Pear Stairs we have built up several customers who have become regular purchasers of your staircases through ourselves, the comments I receive is that the quality is consistent and they find the components go together well during installation.

The use of 32 mm strings with 90 mm newels gives a sturdy feel to the stairs which enhances the overall look.  

The stairs offer value for money which means we are able to compete with local joinery workshops.

The "stair creator" facility  is also an added bonus as it gives a good indication of the finished look of the product.

Thank you for such a professional and efficient service.

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  1. Tongue & Groove Boards
    Price From: £1.62

    21 x 140mm

    Available in 1m lengths.

    SKU:  T&G22145

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  2. Sawn Timber (Structural Timber)
    Price From: £1.37

    47 x 100mm (2"x4")

    SKU:  W0471001

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  3. Sawn Timber (Structural Timber)
    Price From: £2.07

    47 x 150mm (2"x6").

    SKU:  W0471501

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3 Item(s)