If you are hoping to renovate or replace your old staircase, it’s likely that you’ll have heard a number of people - from friends to carpentry specialists - recommending oak components for the job. But why is oak so popular? The team at Pear Stairs have all the answers:

1. Look

Oak is a highly adaptable wood that can be finished in a variety of ways, and, even when treated to retain its natural colour, can prove complementary to almost any kind of interior design. Natural oak is soft and unobtrusive in shade, meaning that bolder choices of staircase components or other furnishings can stand out well against it.

Oak is also an attractive material in itself, and can make even simple staircase designs appear impressive and sleek. As well as being naturally beautiful, oak is also an easy wood to paint or stain, so it’s great if you’re planning on a bolder look too.

Two oak staircases by Pear Stairs
Curved oak staircase by Pear Stairs

2. Variety

Many woodworkers favour oak, as it is highly pliable and easy to manipulate. This means that there is a variety of interesting looks that are possible when using this particular material. From sharp modern minimalism to rustic, traditionalist design, oak is the ideal choice whatever your tastes and your intended look. Throughout history, oak has been a favoured material of fitters and homeowners alike, so it’s a great wood to use to give your house that touch of old-fashioned charm.

3. Longevity

Not only has the look of oak never gone out of fashion, but the hardiness of this wood ensures that oak staircase components are unlikely to require repair or replacement. If you want a simple way to futureproof your staircase, oak is certainly the way to go. It’s worth investing in a sturdy new set of stairs whether you’re planning to sell and hoping to raise the value of your property, or simply to ensure many more years of safe use.

4. Affordability

Oak is not a rare wood, meaning that its use is not only more environmentally friendly than that of mahogany, for example, but also means that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Oak, particularly the American white variety, is the way to go if you’re looking for a staircase that is both affordable and beautiful, as well as sustainable.

Oak staircase by Pear Stairs

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