Upgrade Or Replace Your Staircase With Richard Burbidge Stair Parts;
Available From Pear Stairs, The UK’s Staircase Specialist

There are hundreds of staircase parts available to you as part of the vast range and styles stocked at Pear Stairs.  What makes the choice here special, is the ability to mix and match staircase parts, so you can genuinely customise your own functional but decorative staircase. If you simply wish to upgrade an existing staircase then you may pick and choose the parts you want as these stair parts are not limited to being within collections or complete packages. Designing a staircase and choosing stair parts can be daunting to a first-time buyer, but Richard Burbidge staircase parts have something for every step of the way. You may know what balusters (spindles) and handrails you want but have you also thought about newel posts, newel caps, base rails, whether you want a continuous handrail, and possible features such as volutes. The beauty of this variety and choice is that your staircase can go beyond functionality, the Pear Stairs store provides the scope and potential for your stairs to become a beautiful centrepiece in your home, business or property.   

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Get Creative With Your Choice Of Stair Parts

Stair parts can be likened to the key ingredients in a cake recipe.  Elements such as the tread and risers (the vertical boards and flat boards that form the actual step) are vital components, like eggs and flour.  These are what give the staircase purpose.  However, the remaining parts offer the opportunity to get creative, varying in style, aesthetic, and colour. To achieve a traditional look, you may prefer stoic oak staircase parts or something from the stunning range of pine staircase parts available at Pear Stairs. For a clean lined look, the white primed stair parts offer you the ability to brighten up the area making the space look bigger and emphasise natural light. Returning to the cake metaphor, you can decorate your stairs how you see fit as these collections lend themselves to accessories such as a runner, carpet studs, stair rods and painting (unfinished wooden parts only).

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Popular Richard Burbidge Stair Parts Collections

One of the most popular collections available is the Hallmark pine range of stair parts. This collection prides itself on being stylish, practical and affordable.  It includes a wide choice of styles, including elegant Georgian and Edwardian lathe turned spindles. The pine is unfinished, which gives customers the choice to paint or varnish it to complement their interior designs.A contemporary twist that introduces natural light to your staircase design involves the use of glass staircase panels. These glass components replace spindles on the balustrade for a bright design that uses light and simplicity to emphasise features such as the texture of oak. The Richard Burbidge Fusion range makes good use of combining materials like this. The range features wooden, brushed nickel, steel and glass parts that complement one another for a beautiful modern staircase look.

Visit the Pear Stairs store to experience the vast array of Richard Burbidge stair parts available, eligible for delivery straight to your door anywhere in the mainland UK.