Open Risers

Choosing open risers adds an entirely new element to a staircase.
Stairs transform from being a mundane aspect of a building to a feature that not only attracts the eye but also compliments the room around it. 

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What Are Open Risers?

For those unaware, open risers are when the vertical part of stairs (risers) are left either partially or entirely open.
This lends a  floating effect to the stairs and is why they are occasionally referred to as floating stairs, yet do not worry,
they are no less stable than options with closed risers.     
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Light and Space

In a contemporary home, features that maximise natural light and open up internal spaces are growing in popularity.
Open-plan floors are far more of a common home design now than they were a few short decades ago.
This trend is something that open-riser stairs fit into comfortably.
The lack of risers allows light to flow through the stairs. 
This is great when they have been made from quality timber
as it highlights the aesthetic advantages of the material, such as the grain and the warm colours.

The light also extends around the room, making spaces appear larger, brighter and more attractive.     

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Function and Form

The area underneath a staircase can too often go to waste.
It can be a dark and shadowy space that does not lend itself to frequent use.

Choosing open risers can change that as the space can now be flooded with light,
making it a more appealing area to occupy and utilise as something other than storage.

If you are tempted by open risers, take a look at these Pear Stairs case studies
to find dozens of inspirational styles and designs. 

Or, if you want to get straight in to creating your own stairs
visit the Stair Creator and start making yours in full 3D.