Contemporary Staircase Design for Public Space

Designed for use in a public space, this staircase was provided for a property in Duxford, Cambridgeshire and had a precise brief to meet. As a staircase that is used frequently in a public setting, this staircase had to be reliable while retaining an attractive aesthetic.

commercial staircase, glass balustrade, staircase design

Opting for a contemporary look, the client decided on a monochromatic colour scheme. To complement this, they ordered a staircase with softwood treads and risers that they then treated to match the sleek muted colour scheme. Treated softwood is a great choice as it has a beautiful finish without the expense of hardwood alternatives. Metal edged treads provide a more durable build that can withstand general wear a tear. The client sourced the handrailing and newel posts themselves as they wanted a metal structure. This is a sharp modern look and is complemented by bright and appealing glass balustrade panels. To design your own staircase, try out the online Stair Creator or call the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311.