The Features that Make A Staircase Feel Traditional

Using a combination of traditional features, materials and finishes; this staircase achieves a striking traditional aesthetic packed with intricate details. 
This full staircase design features dual cut string staircases sitting one above the other. The consistent aesthetic throughout the property creates a powerful aesthetic that is both bright and welcoming thanks to the combination of white primed stair parts with oak handrails and newel posts.

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The Details of A Traditional Staircase 

Playing a large part in the overall look of this staircase is the inclusion of alternating Grecian and Grecian Twist spindles. Alternating spindles is a popular design feature in modern staircases and can easily be done with Pear Stairs thanks to a fully stocked online stair parts shop and a full bespoke staircase manufacturing service. For an extra flair, the newel posts have been topped with grand Grecian newel caps and each flight has a feature step at the bottom. The ground floor step is a D-End feature step, a large and ornate feature that wraps entirely around the newel post. The first to second floor staircase has a bullnose feature step. A bullnose step does not wrap around the newel for a more understated profile; it is better suited to the smaller upstairs landing space than a D-End step.

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Emphasising the Best Details 

Cut stringers are an interesting aesthetic feature and suit traditional staircases such as this one. In order to keep the stringer unobscured, the client has opted for an unusual handrail design on the first floor. The bannister is angled downwards to match the pitch of the topflight of stairs. Now, instead of hiding the stringer, the bannister underlines it and highlights the intricate profile and delicate features of the design. Along with looking great, this staircase is also a practical design. On the ground floor, the customer had a smart storage space integrated into the design, providing additional under stair storage that could have gone to waste.

The Pear Stairs Case Study database is worth a visit for inspiration as it is packed with over 900 staircase ideas and designs. To start designing your own staircase, try on the free online Stair Creator or give the Pear Stairs Design team a call on 01938 553311.